Organizational demands have evolved — and so have endpoint security challenges

82% of companies reevaluated their security policies in the wake of COVID-19 and updated their priorities to match the realities of remote working. But challenges remain: with so many endpoints now routinely off the corporate network, perimeter-based security controls are no longer enough.

There is an urgent need to reliably maintain visibility and control over remote endpoints, and organizations are facing new security challenges:


cannot maintain or prove compliance


cannot enforce security standards like configuration, patch management


don’t know the health of security controls

The ability to maintain a secure connection regardless of location or network environment defines the concept of endpoint resilience — an emerging theme in today’s complex IT environment.

Findings from a commissioned study of more than 150 IT and security leaders, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Absolute Software, address the most common endpoint challenges being faced today and explain why endpoint resilience is the key to securing a modern workforce.


of respondents believe that securing modern business environments requires a proactive approach to endpoint resilience.

Take A Proactive Approach To Endpoint Security

Accelerate your understanding of endpoint resilience as a critical capability in this new study:

New endpoint security priorities that have emerged in the past year

Why endpoint resilience can uniquely meet the challenges of a hybrid workforce

How you can improve the ROI of your security investments

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