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Don’t wonder if your devices and data are safe. Know.

Absolute makes endpoint security resilient. Fortify your organization's security posture with a persistent, self-healing connection to all your endpoints.

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Maintain a persistent connection to data, devices, and applications

Manage your IT assets and protect your organization with a clear line of sight to every endpoint. Absolute Persistence® is embedded in device firmware, delivering tamper-proof visibility and control.

Fortify your security with endpoint resilience

Extend the power of Persistence to critical applications.  Be assured that the controls you rely on — SCCM, antivirus, encryption, anti-malware, and more — are non-removable, up-to-date, and working as intended.

Arm your devices with endpoint intelligence

Give your endpoints the ability to understand their environment and take action in response, driving efficiencies. Automatically reinstall disabled or broken applications. Minimize loss with automated protection.

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"I am always looking for opportunity and different technologies as they come up, and I haven't found anything that's as good as Absolute... nothing can compare."

Janet Hunt

Senior Director, IT User Support at Apria Health

Extend self-healing to your 
mission-critical apps

Absolute enables your essential security tools — antivirus, encryption, and more — to automatically self-heal when they’re disabled, altered, or otherwise made vulnerable.
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Chances are, you already have it

The world’s leading device manufacturers already factory-embed Absolute’s persistence technology in many of the devices they make — so it’s likely even in devices you already own. All you have to do it activate it.

"Absolute enables uncompromised endpoint persistence, builds resilience and delivers the intelligence needed to ensure security agents, applications, and controls continue functioning and deliver value as intended."

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