The State of Endpoint Resilience in 2020

Absolute and featured guest Forrester, reveal key trends impacting endpoint health, fragility, and complexity – and the unexpected challenges introduced by remote work and distance learning.

Live WebinarThu, Jul 91pm ET60 mins

Increased spend hasn’t improved endpoint security. New tools have introduced new vulnerabilities. The need to support remote work and learning environments has increased complexity on the endpoint – making existing approaches less effective overall.

Backed by results from The State of Endpoint Resilience 2020 – Absolute’s breakthrough annual study of 8.5 million devices, this webinar explores the hidden forces threatening endpoint resilience – and the steps necessary to protect against them.

Join Absolute’s EVP of Product, Ameer Karim; and Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Security and & Risk, Chris Sherman as they reveal the most significant trends shaping data and device security now and in the year ahead, including:

  • Global trends in endpoint resilience – what IT and security teams are prioritizing and what’s getting missed
  • Emerging challenges for CIOs and CISOs as environments evolve in the face of COVID-19
  • Data-driven strategies for ensuring resilient, unbreakable endpoint protection

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Featured Speakers

Chris Sherman

Chris Sherman

Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals


Ameer Karim

Ameer Karim

Executive Vice President, Product


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