The State of Endpoint Resilience in 2020

Absolute and featured guest Forrester, reveal key trends impacting endpoint health, fragility, and complexity – and the unexpected challenges introduced by remote work and distance learning.

On-demand Webinar60 mins

Increased spend hasn’t improved endpoint security. New tools have introduced new vulnerabilities. The need to support remote work and learning environments has increased complexity on the endpoint – making existing approaches less effective overall.

Backed by results from The State of Endpoint Resilience 2020 – Absolute’s breakthrough annual study of 8.5 million devices, this webinar explores the hidden forces threatening endpoint resilience – and the steps necessary to protect against them.

Join Absolute’s EVP of Product, Ameer Karim; and Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Security and & Risk, Chris Sherman as they reveal the most significant trends shaping data and device security now and in the year ahead, including:

  • Global trends in endpoint resilience – what IT and security teams are prioritizing and what’s getting missed
  • Emerging challenges for CIOs and CISOs as environments evolve in the face of COVID-19
  • Data-driven strategies for ensuring resilient, unbreakable endpoint protection

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Featured Speakers

Chris Sherman

Chris Sherman

Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals


Ameer Karim

Ameer Karim

Executive Vice President, Product


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