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Endpoint Security Trends Report: K-12 Edition

Cybersecurity and Education: The State of the Digital District in 2020

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Key insights on threats faced by IT teams in K-12, from a global study of 3.2 million devices.

Technology in our schools enables modern learning paths, and brings a new level of innovation to the classroom. But it needs to be managed with care.

Download this groundbreaking report for insights gained from analyzing more than 3 million student devices across 1200 K-12 organizations.

Explore the key challenges facing today’s K-12 technology leaders, including:


schools with rogue apps on their devices

Savvy students

Education has five times more tools for users to tunnel around security controls and policies than other sectors.


of common apps are outdated

Increased complexity

K-12 IT leaders are tasked with managing 100s of versions of operating systems, apps, and extensions; and 1000s of devices.


of patch agents fail

Increased endpoint risk

Students and schools are increasingly vulnerable – schools are now the second-largest pool of ransomware victims.

Complexity makes schools easy targets

The critical endpoint security solutions schools rely on are flawed. They are extremely fragile, degrade quickly, and create a management nightmare for IT teams. Investing more money on more security tools does not protect schools from threats; in fact, it may introduce additional risk.


of agents require at least one repair monthly


of encryption agents fail monthly


of failing encryption agents fail over 25 times/month


client/patch management tools requiring over 9 repairs/month

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About the 2020 Endpoint Security Trends Report: K-12 Education Edition

This report outlines the results from a one-year study conducted by Absolute’s security research team. Data was gathered from over one billion change events on over three million devices.

The devices represent data from 1,2000 anonymized schools across North America. Each device had Absolute’s platform for endpoint resilience activated.