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Absolute Undeletable Podcast

#10 - What’s new in Absolute 7.18

Join Torsten George and Neeraj Annachhatre from Product Marketing as they showcase Absolute’s new November product release, version 7.18. Learn how to streamline data sanitization to reliably decommission devices using Absolute’s Device Wipe and File Delete actions and maintain your security posture by persisting the new applications supported through Application Persistence.

#9 - Leveraging Device Groups to manage your endpoints

Join Torsten George and Alana Bennett from Product Marketing as they discuss the challenges faced by schools in managing 1:1 devices in today's learn from anywhere environment. Furthermore, find out how organizations can leverage Absolute Device Groups to organize, classify and control their devices.

#8 - Securing Sensitive Data with Absolute Erase

Join Torsten George and Neeraj Annachhatre from Product Marketing as they discuss challenges organizations face in identifying and securing sensitive data residing across their endpoints. Learn how Absolute's capabilities can be leveraged to discover files having sensitive information, protect them from being accessed illegally and comply with data regulations.

#7 - What's new in Absolute 7.17

Join Tammy Exner and Neeraj Annachhatre from Product Marketing as they showcase Absolute’s new August product release. Learn how organizations can leverage enhanced geolocation for the new work from anywhere environment, align the collection of endpoint data with specific business needs and harden their security posture by making security applications resilient to decay, software collision and malicious actions.

#6 - What's new in Absolute 7.16

Join Torsten George, VP for Product Marketing and Neeraj Annachhatre, Product Marketing Manager as they explore what’s new in Absolute’s April release. Learn how to leverage additions to Absolute’s Application Persistence library to increase the efficacy of your security controls, align device reporting to specific business needs with custom data points, and view device inventory and security information from a single view.

#5 – Education Harvest Season

Join Surita Bains, Director of Product Management and Alana Bennett, Product Marketing Specialist as they discuss the annual technology harvest season within Education, unique IT and security challenges faced by school districts in today’s hybrid learning environment, and how this may impact hardware and software purchasing decisions for the upcoming school year.

#4 – Get to know Torsten George

On this episode, we introduce you to Absolute’s new VP of Product Marketing, Torsten George. Torsten talks about his experience in cybersecurity, what attracted him to join Absolute, the major security challenges organizations face today and why having enhanced endpoint visibility and resilience is so critical in overcoming them.

#3 – Absolute Resilience awarded Cyber Catalyst designation

Join Jason Short, VP of Product Management as he discusses Absolute Resilience recently being awarded the Marsh 2020 Cyber Catalyst designation. Learn more about the program, reasons why Absolute Resilience was chosen and how customers can benefit from potential discounts on their cyber insurances policies. For additional information, visit the Cyber Catalyst program website:

#2 – What's new in Absolute 7.15

Join Jason Short, VP of Product Management as he explores what’s new in Absolute’s January release, including how to leverage web usage trends to support your organization and users alike; the latest security controls added to Absolute’s growing suite of self-healing applications (meaning they always remain healthy and functional without human intervention), and how to quickly identify and respond to security risks by using custom alerts.

#1 – What’s new in Absolute 7.14

Join Jason Short, VP of Product Management as he explores what’s new in Absolute’s December release, including how to keep your software asset inventory accurate and up to date with zero human intervention; and how to put web usage metrics to work validating product adoption, uncovering user needs, and eliminating risk from inappropriate or insecure content.

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