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Secure Your Chromebooks and Keep Students Safe

You’ve made a significant investment in your Chromebook deployment for your learning programs. But how do you address the risks when you place Chromebooks in the hands of your students? Loss and theft is inevitable. Often devices are specifically targeted by criminals, putting students at risk.

So how can you protect your technology investment when it’s spread across multiple schools and in the hands of students who are constantly on the move? Most importantly, how can you keep your students safe?

Complete Visibility Into The Status of your Chromebook Deployment

Absolute for Chromebooks combines effective security technology and on-site student safety programs so you can track, locate, and recover your endpoints while ensuring the safety of your students.

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Why Schools Choose Absolute:

Locate your Chromebooks and apply remote security measures to monitor and protect each device.

Keep your students safe with the Absolute Safe Schools program.

Gain complete visibility with detailed reporting.

Reporting and Alerts

Absolute for Chromebooks provides you with detailed reporting on each Chromebook in your deployment.

With Absolute you can:
  • Monitor and report on hardware and software information
  • Identify risk conditions and alerts when suspicious events occur
  • Remote device freeze with user verification messaging
  • Create geofences based on your school or district’s policies so you are alerted when a Chromebook goes out of bounds
  • Track assets on a Google Maps, including recent and historical locations

Absolute Safe Schools

Promote student safety, deter criminals, and protect your technology investment.

The program includes:
  • Meetings with school stakeholders
  • Comprehensive safety training for students and staff
  • Device ID tagging and database for recovery services
  • On-site awareness campaign including campus' signage, safety tips posters, and anti-theft stickers
  • Ongoing interaction with school police and crime prevention officers

Theft Investigation Services

Reduce the amount of time and resources you would typically invest in security incident management.

The program includes:
  • Stolen device registration within the Absolute Device Database
  • Rapid response service
  • Investigative services
  • Preparation of court-ready investigative reports
  • Device discovery and return services
  • Service guarantee (some conditions apply)

This IDC white paper explores how educators can ensure the security and efficacy of desktop and mobile devices used by students and staff in K–12 schools while reducing IT administration and management demands and remaining compliant.

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