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Security Risk Factors Negatively Impacting Enterprise Cyber Resilience

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Absolute Security's Cyber Resilience Risk Index 2024 Analyzes Critical Telemetry

Cyber Resilience is a paradigm larger and more critical than traditional cybersecurity. Organizations with effective Cyber Resilience capabilities have digital operations that can withstand and quickly recover to normal business operations following cyberattacks, technical malfunctions, or deliberate tampering attempts.

The "Absolute Security Cyber Resilience Risk Index 2024," will help CISOs and other security and risk professionals to learn about what Cyber Resilience is, the security and risk benefits it provides, whether risk factors impacting resilience are present in their environments, and how to take mitigation steps.

With access to telemetry from more than 5 million globally distributed PCs, Absolute identified startling findings:

Key Highlights

  • PC Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) and network access security applications fail to operate effectively 24 percent of the time
  • To support AI technologies, 92 percent of enterprise PCs will need to be updated or replaced, leading to massive security challenges
  • Most organizations run weeks or months behind in vulnerability patching, opening extensive risk gaps

To learn more about why Cyber Resilience is critical to your enterprise, download the report today.

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"Cyber Resilience is a paradigm that extends beyond traditional cybersecurity. It's about ensuring that your digital operations, which are the heart of your organization, can withstand and quickly recover from cyberattacks, technical malfunctions, deliberate tampering, and new deployments."

Christy Wyatt, Absolute Security CEO

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