2023 Resilience Index Reveals a False Sense of Security

Cyber Resilience: The New Strategy to Cope with Increased Threats

Live WebinarThu, July 1310:00am PT / 1:00pm ET60 mins

The telemetry data presented in our 2023 Resilience Index shows that more money spent on IT and security doesn’t mean stronger security posture.

In fact, the resulting complexity reduces visibility into the efficacy of security controls. That reduced visibility weakens companies’ security posture.

Join us on July 13, 2023 at 10:00am PT as our CISO Samir Sherif speaks with a panel of industry experts to discuss:

  • A common myth: the more you spend on IT and security technology, the stronger your security posture will be.
  • Security applications’ efficacy varies widely
  • The power of application resilience in achieving cyber resilience

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Featured Speakers

headshot of Samir Sheif

Samir Sheif

Chief Information Security Officer, Absolute Security

Headshot of 
Bob Blakely

Bob Blakely

Global Head of Information Security Innovation, Citigroup

“A new comply-to-connect trend balances security and cyber resilience to ensure employees can confidently get to work, and keep working, no matter where risk finds them.”

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