Understand, diagnose, and improve the remote working experience

In-depth visibility, all the way to the edge – including data from networks, devices, applications, and operating systems.

The ability to gather real-time, actionable data about the experience of workers can have a massive impact on the success of an organization. Increase productivity and employee morale while fine-tuning security policies with Absolute Insights for Network.

Real-time employee data

Absolute Insights for Network provides real-time data about device, application, and network performance in a single pane of glass. No other digital experience monitoring solution can provide the same level of insight into mobile workers, showing real-time, non-synthetic information on networks, applications, devices, and much more.

Improve the remote work experience

Insights for Network helps IT teams identify issues when they do occur, providing a diagnostic snapshot to facilitate swift resolution. The conditional policy engine provides insights into device and user activity to identify problems before they interfere with productivity.

Network and connectivity

Gain detailed insights into the performance of every network your employees connect to, from home and private networks to public Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Understand more about disconnections, weak coverage areas, download speeds, network throughput, and more.

Increase data security

Profile the security of networks that workers connect to, identifying and preventing potential data leaks and man-in-the-middle attacks. Data activity and destination reports show where data is headed from each device, flagging and thwarting potentially unwanted connections. Gain increased visibility into the efficacy of policy enforcement (e.g., policy-blocked hosts/websites, addresses/ports, and web reputation), allowing for immediate impact analysis and further fine-tuning of your ZTNA policies.

We managed to get 360 employees working from home in less than 72 hours thanks to Absolute’s simple install and seamless user experience.

Tom Fisk, IT operations manager at Alan Boswell Group

In-depth visibility all the way to the edge, with Absolute Insights for Network

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