Resilient data and device security for legal, accounting, and consulting firms

Keep client data, consumer privacy, and trade secrets safe and secure on any device, anywhere.

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How Absolute supports smarter, more secure professional services

See every device — and what’s on it

Keep sensitive client information safe with a resilient connection to all of your devices and data — all of the time.

  • Get a complete view of all your devices, no matter where they are
  • Identify and correct exposures before they become exploits
  • Stay compliant and encrypted at all times

Stop threats and heal devices automatically

Keep your devices and data in good health — on or off the corporate domain.

  • Monitor device health to uncover exposures across all endpoints
  • Re-arm defenses before an incident occurs — and empower them to re-arm themselves
  • Neutralize threats by freezing or wiping devices remotely and obtain a certificate of sanitization conforming to NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines — even if security controls have been disabled

Protect your competitive edge: knowledge

Client data and consumer information are your most valuable assets. Absolute helps you keep it under lock and key.

  • Limit where sensitive data can go by geofencing devices
  • Spot data risks like disabled controls, misconfigurations, and unauthorized apps on any device
  • Automatically restore encryption, anti-malware, and other apps on devices when disabled

Headache-free compliance

Stay compliant with CCPA, EUECR, HIPAA, GDPR, and CFR — as well as your own privacy policies — and be ready for audits at a moment’s notice.

  • Scan every device in your fleet, verify data is protected, and correct vulnerabilities
  • Run ongoing checks on your devices against regulatory standards and benchmark posture against industry best practices
  • Be ready for any auditor and prove the right controls are always in place

Simplify and fortify data security

Streamline and automate the complex tasks that keep IT and security teams up at night.

  • Transform endpoints into self-healing machines with encryption that repairs itself
  • Trace, track, and pinpoint sensitive data on lost or stolen devices
  • Automatically restore device health to regenerate security controls, apps, and agents

“The ability to reach out and manage devices, regardless of their physical location, is a must-have. Absolute extends access to our computer population when we find them outside of our control.”

Dave Johnson, Director of Strategic Services
Grant Thornton

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