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Delivering resilient and reliable endpoints and access for the modern law firm

Flexibility and security for legal firms

Attorneys use a wide variety of cloud-based applications to do their job effectively, sometimes without their IT department's approval. Keeping client data and trade secrets safe while abiding by privacy regulations, such as CCPA or GDPR is a critical priority.

Focused on what matters to you

We are committed to providing solutions that meet the unique and evolving needs of modern law firms

Control costs of devices, apps, and mobile services

Establish cyber hygiene based on CCPA, GDPR, or others

Minimize leaks of client data and trade secrets

Respond to threats immediately

Optimized connectivity for all fee earners

Reduced time to resolution for all fee earners

Reliable, resilient endpoints

Retain command of all your endpoints, all the time

  • Boost your endpoint visibility – on or off your corporate network. Collect hundreds of data points about your devices’ location, security posture, and hardware/software inventory.
  • Take advantage of critical control functions such as remote file deletion and data wipe, freezing devices when at-risk, end user messaging, and establishing geo-fences.

  • Leverage critical resilience functions to secure endpoints from threats, respond to security breaches, and enable application resilience to automatically self-heal applications.

Reliable, resilient access

Ensure secure and optimized network access

  • Leverage a secure, optimized tunnel built from the ground up for your workforce’s mobility and the modern edge
  • Deliver the best user experience for the software-defined perimeter
  • Leverage the best diagnostics and remediation for digital employee experience monitoring

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Secure Endpoint

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Secure Access

Network Performance & Diagnostics for Today’s Organizations

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