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A core component of the Absolute Platform – leveraging its privileged position in the firmware of more than 600 million endpoints

Unique, patented technology

Absolute Persistence® technology is already embedded in over 600 million devices as a result of Absolute’s partnership with close to 30 international system manufacturers. Once activated, this technology is fiercely resilient and is the only security solution that will survive attempts to disable it, even if the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or the firmware is updated.

No other technology can do this.

Absolute Persistence

Thanks to Absolute’s unique position in the device firmware, it can guarantee the health of that stream of data and your mission-critical apps.

If anything is missing or disabled, Absolute reinstalls it. Even if the device has been re-imaged or if the hard drive has been swapped out. Your endpoint visibility, control, and critical are truly persistent with Absolute.

What is Absolute Persistence®?

For over 25 years, Absolute has led the way with Persistence®: the only technology that enables firmware-embedded endpoint resilience. Absolute Persistence is already embedded in the devices made by the world’s leading system manufacturers before they leave the factory.

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Unprecedented Visibility

See all your devices, all the time, from a cloud-based dashboard that alerts you when risks appear. This allows you to streamline your device lifecycle management. Know where all your sensitive data lives, allowing you to identify at-risk devices. React to issues before they impact your end users, improving helpdesk efficiency.

Unprecedented Control

Respond to endpoint risks by having always-on connectivity to the endpoint, even if the device has been compromised. Enforce security standards and strengthen your compliance posture.

Are your endpoints compatible?

Absolute Persistence is already embedded in the devices made by the world’s leading system manufacturers before they leave the factory. But if you need more clarity, check out if your device models are supported.

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Absolute Persistence forms an unbreakable, two-way connection that heals itself, enabling unprecedented endpoint intelligence

Applications can heal themselves with Application Resilience

The same BIOS-embedded Persistence can be extended to any application that runs on the same devices as Absolute. No matter who you are, if you rely on a suite of apps, Application Resilience means peace of mind for you and your organization.

Learn About Application Resilience

Learn about Application Persistence-as-a-Service for ISVs

What our customers love about Absolute

“We are amazed at their Persistence technology. An IT team member took a hard drive out and put it on another machine. The Absolute client created itself on the new machine and the old machine with a new hard drive. Indestructible.”

David Reynolds - Systems Manager, IT

Rhode Island Blood Center

Absolute Persistence FAQ

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