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Absolute Visibility

Boost your endpoint visibility – on and off your corporate network

Give your IT team constant visibility into endpoints

The work-from-anywhere era has given newfound significance to endpoint visibility. Inconsistent visibility affects your IT team’s ability to support and resolve user issues. Most cyberattacks begin on endpoints, not firewalls or servers, which makes endpoint visibility even more essential.


Report on hardware inventory

Report and alert on hundreds of hardware attributes, leverage pre-built and custom reports, track new device activations and connection history, and track the evolution of offline devices.

Track installed software applications

Assess installed software on your devices to identify vulnerable apps or versions, policy non-compliance, shadow IT, and possible license non-compliance.

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Understand Web usage and Web app ROI

Determine your ROI for online tools and subscriptions by comparing usage patterns across your teams. Identify if devices are accessing unsecure or inappropriate websites or applications.

Assess device security

Report on encryption and anti-virus/malware status across your device population, monitor evolution of encryption status over time.

Measure device usage

Assess average daily device usage across different device groups to detect under-utilized devices or anomalous usage.

Monitor the health of mission-critical applications

Report on the health status of mission-critical applications covered within the Application Resilience catalog.

sensitive information

Identify sensitive information on devices

Discover sensitive data (e.g., PII, PHI, company IP) across your device fleet and identify devices that are syncing sensitive files with cloud storage services.

Track and locate devices

See all your enrolled devices, on and off your corporate network.

Get the truth from your devices, apps, and data

Discover savings within your budget

  • Trust that you’re not missing anything — thanks to an always-on connection that is provided by Absolute Persistence® technology.
  • Embedded in the firmware of more than 600 million endpoints, Absolute will automatically reinstall itself to remain healthy even if tampered with. This enables consistent visibility.
  • Inventory your hardware and software assets automatically — then generate reports on hardware status, software, OS, geolocation, and hundreds of other data points that Absolute collects for you.
  • Maximize the return on your tech investments with reports on device and software usage. Identify underused devices to repurpose across your teams.
  • Detailed Web usage and ROI analytics demonstrate how users are leveraging Web tools to help you measure value.

Know where your devices are – at any given time

Guarantee uninterrupted visibility

  • Track device location with a full 365 days of history, helping you to locate lost or stolen endpoints. Count on real-time device and location updates - even during an emergency.

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities

Gain insight into your risk exposure

  • Identify threats before they become incidents. Keep your employees, customers, and auditors happy with customized status reports on endpoint encryption, anti-malware, and other mission critical applications.
  • Identify access to inappropriate or unsecure content that may pose risks, compare usage patterns, and detect use of unapproved Web apps.
  • Scan your endpoints for sensitive data like financial information, social security numbers, or intellectual property. Know when it’s on an unsecured device, even off-network.

What our customers love about Absolute Visibility

"Absolute and their Student Technology Analytics give us the ability to see how and when our devices are being used and correlate that information to student outcomes."

Erik Greenwood

CTO at Anaheim Union High School District

Looking for a Bigger Toolbox?

Absolute Visibility gives you a crystal-clear view into your devices. Explore the entire Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio to identify the service tier that meets your organization's needs. Check out Absolute Control™ and Absolute Resilience™ to determine what service tier is right for you.


Absolute Visibility

Serves as your source of truth for device and application health.

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What's Included

  • Customizable dashboard, reports and alerts
  • Measure device usage
  • Automate hardware inventory
  • Inventory installed software
  • Assess security posture
  • Monitor application health
  • Locate and map your entire device fleet
  • Remotely scan for sensitive information
  • Track usage of Web apps and understand their ROI

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Absolute Control

Provides you a lifeline to protect at-risk devices and data.

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All Visibility features, plus

  • Draw geofences and detect unauthorized device movement
  • Remote device freeze, on-demand or with offline timer
  • Delete specific file or fully wipe the hard drive
  • Enable firmware protection
  • Secure, on-device end user communications

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Absolute Resilience

Delivers application self-healing and confident risk response.

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All Control features, plus 

  • Make critical applications self-healing
  • Remotely run query or remediation scripts
  • Investigate and recover stolen devices

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Absolute Visibility Add-On

Absolute Insights for Endpoints™

Empowers your admins with fleet-wide device and security insights. Identify asset and security trends in real-time across your endpoints and respond to anomalies.

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Absolute Visibility for Chromebooks

Specifically tailored capabilities for Chromebook users.

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Strengthening Security & Compliance Posture Through Cyber Resilience

Get our new report on why getting a handle on compliance and security requires a modern strategy for understanding risk and the growing attack surface.

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Secure Endpoint FAQ

Absolute Secure Endpoint is one of our company’s core product lines, which leverages the unbreakable connection provided by Absolute Persistence® to enable IT and security personnel to monitor and address computers' problems and enables the computers and their mission-critical applications to self-heal. This helps with IT management, strengthening a company’s security posture, and maintaining compliance.

The Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio contains a variety of product packages:

  • Absolute Visibility
  • Absolute Control
  • Absolute Resilience
  • Absolute Ransomware Response

Other variants, such as Absolute Resilience for Student Devices, may be offered to meet particular use cases or geographic market needs.

Absolute Visibility is the entry service tier in the Absolute Secure Endpoint portfolio. Absolute Visibility collects data about the endpoints' location, security posture, and hardware/software inventory. It provides analysis of software, Web applications, and hardware utilization as well as identifies potential failure points, sensitive data, and suspicious use patterns.

Absolute Control is the mid-service tier in the Absolute Secure Endpoint portfolio. Absolute Control adds to Absolute Visibility’s capabilities to control endpoints over the Internet, allowing for critical functions such as remote file deletion and data wipe, freezing devices on demand when at-risk, end user messaging, as well as establishing geo-fences and alerts.

Absolute Resilience is the top service tier in the Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio and the most popular package among customers. Compared to Absolute Control, it adds further capabilities to secure endpoints from threats and vulnerabilities, respond to security breaches and incidents, and enable Application Resilience to automatically monitor and detect unhealthy applications and automatically heal them.

Absolute Ransomware Response is a stand-alone offering, which provides capabilities and services to assess an organization's ransomware preparedness and cyber hygiene across endpoints; ensures mission-critical security applications such as anti-malware and device management tools remain healthy and capable of self-healing; and expedites the quarantine and recovery of endpoints if a ransomware attack occurs.

Customers can easily upgrade/downgrade their service subscriptions between Absolute Visibility, Control, and Resilience. Capabilities are additive and enabled via a software license key.

Absolute Ransomware Response is offered as a stand-alone solution primarily for security-conscious customers. Add-on options are offered for Absolute Control and Resilience customers. Absolute Ransomware Response customers can later easily expand their capabilities by changing their subscription to the Absolute Resilience service tier.

Absolute can be purchased through leading device manufacturers, resellers, and distributors. Contact us and we would be happy to help you with this process.

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