Welcome to the world of Enterprise Resilience™.

Welcome to the world of enterprise resilience.

Absolute adds resilience to your endpoint

We help organizations recover and resume normal operations in the face of security breaches.

Absolute envisions a world where security and IT professionals always retain control over their devices and data. We’re the first and only company to offer uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation of security breaches at the source.

Absolute Persistence™ returns devices to their desired state of safety and efficacy after malicious attacks or user error, thanks to our unique location in the firmware of more than 600 million devices built by most of the world’s top device manufacturers.

Absolute at a glance


  • The world’s only firmware-embedded endpoint visibility and control platform

  • 18,000+ global customers

  • 600 million endpoints

  • 170 patents

  • Factory-embedded by 28 top device manufacturers

How we got here

Founded in 1993, Absolute was originally a platform to 'track-manage-trace' computers for the education sector.

In the early 2000s, we began to partner with device manufacturers. We had the privilege of being factory-embedded within the BIOS level of their firmware, making Absolute nearly impossible to remove.

This was a big step for us. But at the time, we had no idea how big it was.

That privileged position created something the world hadn’t seen yet: true resilience for a software agent. Whenever someone attempts to remove or reconfigure Absolute, it reasserts itself on the next boot sequence.

This technology, now called Persistence, allowed us to offer more and more value to our customers. Today, Absolute users can see all of their devices from a single pane of glass, remotely query and remediate them at scale, and even extend Persistence to the rest of their mission-critical applications, enabling true resilience across their organizations.

Absolute helps governments, corporations, agencies, educational institutions, and more to stay resilient in the face of growing and ever-changing cyber threats.

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