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We’re on a mission to help organizations strengthen cyber resiliency.

Absolute empowers enterprises, governments, agencies, educational institutions, and more to stay resilient in the face of growing and ever-changing cyber threats. Founded in 1993 as a platform to 'track-manage-trace' computers for the education sector, we have evolved into the only provider of truly intelligent, self-healing security solutions.

Absolute has the privileged position of being factory-embedded in more than 600 million endpoints, making us uniquely capable of enabling a permanent digital connection that dynamically applies visibility, control and self-healing capabilities to endpoints, applications, and network connections. We are the first and only company to offer uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation of security breaches at the source.

Absolute at a glance

  • Firmware-embedded in 600+ million endpoints
  • 28 top device manufacturers
  • Nearly 21,000 global customers
  • 186 patents

How we got here

Founded in 1993, Absolute was originally a platform to 'track-manage-trace' computers for the education sector. In the early 2000s, we began to partner with device manufacturers. We had the privilege of being factory-embedded within the BIOS level of their firmware, making Absolute nearly impossible to remove.

This was a big step for us. But at the time, we had no idea how big it was. That privileged position created something the world hadn’t seen yet: true resilience for a software agent. Whenever someone attempts to remove or reconfigure Absolute, it reasserts itself on the next boot sequence.

This technology, now called Persistence, allowed us to offer more and more value to our customers. Today, Absolute users can see all of their devices from a single pane of glass, remotely query and remediate them at scale, and even extend Persistence to the rest of their mission-critical applications, enabling true resilience across their organizations. Absolute helps governments, corporations, agencies, educational institutions, and more to stay resilient in the face of growing and ever-changing cyber threats.

Strengthening Security & Compliance Posture Through Cyber Resilience

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Absolute Sustainability

Embracing a Sustainable Hybrid Work Model:
Absolute’s commitment to empowering hybrid work is key to our commitment to sustainability. By championing the hybrid work model, we’ve significantly reduced our own real estate needs and our teams’ commuting and travel frequency, resulting in a substantial decrease in our carbon footprint. Additionally, by giving our customers the tools they need to remotely manage their devices we allow them to also minimize pollution output and help everyone deliver a greener tomorrow.

Environmental Thoughtfulness:
Absolute is conscious of the pressing global climate crisis and is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business. We aim to utilize energy efficient data centers and cloud hosting operators. We have selected a LEED Platinum (the highest LEED certification available) certified building for our global headquarters in Vancouver. We have also implemented various sustainability measures across our global offices, including recycling and waste sorting programs, water filtration systems to eliminate bottled water usage, motion sensor lighting, and other energy-saving initiatives.

Sustainable Computing with Purpose:
Our software isn’t just about protecting the endpoint. We also protect the environment through sustainable technology utilization. We offer secure and verifiable mechanisms to sanitize devices, paving the way for their reuse. This approach promotes eco-friendly tech habits, ensuring devices get a second life, either through resale or by gifting them to non-profits who then don’t need to buy newly manufactured devices.

Remote Data Sanitization with Assurance:
No need for device shipment or manual interventions. When devices have reached the end of their useful life, Absolute empowers customers to securely recycle devices without concern for the data on them. With our unique remote data eradication process, Absolute ensures complete data removal and provides a verifiable receipt, so that when the device is sent to be disassembled and broken down, there is no risk that recycled parts will pose a danger.

Get maximum value out of your security spend

Mitigate risk and strengthen your compliance posture with Absolute

  • Assure security efficacy via self-healing
  • Streamlined collection of compliance evidence
  • Critical application availability and uptime for incident response
  • Reduced mean time to response
  • Ease of enforcement of security configurations at scale
  • Improved risk score

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Enable the secure device lifecycle

Reduce complexities across endpoints, applications, and network access that are causing inefficiencies and risk exposure.

  • High visibility from the endpoint
  • Reduced number of helpdesk tickets
  • Reduced number of rogue devices and apps
  • Improved business-specific KPIs
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Real-time telemetry from devices & network

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Maximize your workforce’s productivity - wherever they do their work

Don't let security be a barrier to an optimized employee experience.

  • Provide always-on, work-from-anywhere capabilities for your workforce
  • Optimized user experience and uptime
  • Reduced management infrastructure
  • Resilient, reliable network apps
  • User adoption of key applications
  • Guaranteed, continuous service delivery

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