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Monitor online learning and application usage

Manage 1:1 devices – on or off campus

Limit access to high-risk content – independent of location

Reduce cyber threats and prepare for ransomware attacks

Reduce device loss

Streamline the annual reclamation process

Strengthening Security and Compliance Posture through Cyber Resilience in Education

Absolute’s latest research report demonstrates the importance of cyber resilience to strengthen your security and FERPA compliance posture.

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Tackle the Increased Complexity of Device Reclamation

Is your lean school district IT team managing a sizeable off-network fleet? Then, we don’t have to tell you that each missing device poses a potential disruption in learning, a risk to the district’s security, and ultimately results in wasted budget, CARES audit findings, and the potential for a data breach.

How Absolute Helps:

  • Unrivaled visibility and control of student devices.
  • Time and budget savings through streamlined device collection and distribution, and device reclamation-as-a-service.
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Speed Up and Simplify Your Audit Process 

Your team has better things to do than performing tedious, manual data collection for audits.

How Absolute Helps:

  • Gain real-time insights into hardware and software inventory and device compliance.
  • Save time gathering dispersed data for audits, including end-of-year inventory audit, CARES Act audit, and local, state, and federal funding audits.
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Protect Your Students’ Data and Your District’s Reputation

K-12 is a top target for hackers and as a result, student data privacy regulations are piling up. That means extra risk and work for already lean school district IT teams.

How Absolute Helps:

  • Drive compliance with data privacy regulations like FERPA, HIPAA, and GDPR.
  • Ensure school security controls are in place and healthy.
  • Find non-compliant devices and identify potential violations.
  • Pinpoint data privacy violations even in off-network devices.
  • Validate the encryption status of sensitive data.
  • Provide compliant data deletion certificates.
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Ensure Students Online Safety

Web-based learning and collaboration tools have enabled effective distance learning programs, but, they have also created online safety and productivity risks for students.

How Absolute Helps:

  • Generate granular insights and customizable reports to better understand website usage patterns and web application adoption.
  • Identify unsanctioned web apps or out-of-policy web behavior.
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What our customers love about Absolute

“Web Usage gives us insight to how students are using in-class screen time and allows us to update our web filters to guide them back to productive work. We also enjoyed the fact that we can ensure all of our devices are up-to-date.”

Eric Ramos - Chief Technology Officer

Duarte Unified School District

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