Secure and manage your sensitive healthcare devices, data, and applications

Stay in control of your devices and protect the data on them with a persistent, self-healing connection.

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How Absolute supports security and compliance for healthcare organizations

Keep sensitive devices, data, and applications safe

Take full control of your devices and data from one place.

  • Protect sensitive patient data across every endpoint in any location with a persistent connection to every device in your fleet
  • Improve security and IT operations with fast discovery and remediation of any device
  • Respond to incidents faster with the automatic location, freezing, and deletion of data, and obtain a certificate of data sanitization to meet HIPAA requirements

Comply with HIPAA & HITECH regulations

Identify violations, enforce compliance, and be ready for audits at all times.

  • Identify and correct compliance violations on any device in any location
  • Validate patient data integrity with self-healing endpoint security
  • Make audits painless with automatic compliance checks across your endpoint population

Secure data in mobile healthcare delivery

Protect personal health information for telehealth, home health, and mobile clinical staff.

  • Pinpoint any device’s location and put a fence around where data can go
  • Protect providers and avoid data exchange errors that create compliance issues
  • Automate data security and let your devices restore themselves with a resilient connection to your entire endpoint population

Protect data after a merger or acquisition

Merge your health systems and data with confidence and security.

  • Sync and standardize security controls for easy and instant compliance
  • Integrate systems, controls, users, and machines with precision commands
  • Visualize your endpoint security controls and quantify risks for patching priorities

Tamper-proof device visibility and protection

Keep your organization and patients protected with a resilient connection between IT/security teams and all of your devices.

  • Survive malicious attacks — even after hard drive or OS wipes
  • Boost productivity by automating manual, time-wasting IT and security tasks
  • Speed up incident detection and remediation to reduce IT asset loss

"Absolute Persistence gives us assurance that stolen devices don’t become breach liabilities. Our other tools were not able to detect these devices and give us the sense of security that we now have."

InfoSec leader, Healthcare

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Secure the Digital Healthcare Revolution

Learn how Absolute gives you the power to identify potential security threats and respond rapidly before they become security incidents that require breach notifications.

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