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Zero Trust: Secure Web Gateway

Duration: 45 mins

In just the past few years, web browsing has become a critical component of worker productivity, regardless of their location. Mobile, deskless, and hybrid workers alike leverage web applications to fulfill orders, process tickets, retrieve data, and upload information. At the same time, threat actors increasingly target web browsing activity. Learn how you can protect both highly mobile and deskless/field workers from an increasingly hostile landscape.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how the threat landscape increasingly targets web browsing, now a critical part of workplace productivity
  • See how Absolute's Secure Web Gateway Service can protect both your remote and hybrid workers -- and your organization -- from malicious threats
  • Discover how simply Absolute has integrated remote browser isolation (RBI), content disarm and reconstruction (CDR), and antivirus (AV) protection with the Secure Access policy engine, raising your organization's security profile for all workers

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Bryan Embrey

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Absolute Security

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Sales Engineer
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