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Managing and Securing Your Chromebook Devices

Duration: 38 mins

With Chromebooks being the device of choice in the K-12 Education market and growing in prominence across commercial enterprises, IT and security teams require enhanced Chromebook visibility, as well as to be able to take remote actions when devices are lost or stolen. Learn how Absolute functions in tandem with the Google Admin Console to offer granular telemetry and scalable workflows to manage and secure your Chromebook fleet.

Key Highlights

  • Leverage hardware inventory, device and Web usage telemetry to manage your devices and understand the ROI of Web app subscriptions.
  • Remediate hardware issues and freeze devices if they don’t call in for a specified period of time.
  • Send tailored messages to end users to help manage the annual device reclamation process, in advance of an upcoming IT event, in response to suspicious user activity, or to obtain user feedback.

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Neeraj Annachhatre

Senior Global Product Marketing Manager
Absolute Security

Brian Carmenatty

Sales Engineer
Absolute Security

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What our customers love about Absolute

“Absolute is the last stand in our IT security profile. I like how it integrates with the BIOS to do its thing most of all. Once installed, it is essentially a hands-off piece of software.”

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IT Manager, G2 Review

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