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Confidently support your digital learning programs with informational resources, actionable data, and essential features from Absolute — the only undeletable digital tether to devices, data and applications.

Absolute for Education

The Absolute platform provides resilient visibility and control to:

of educational devices

28 of the 50
largest school districts in the U.S.

schools and districts

Streamline device collection and minimize loss

Over 10,000 schools rely on Absolute to get their inventory back at year-end. Our hardware-embedded agent can be activated remotely for instant access to geolocation data, and the ability to lock, freeze, or wipe any device if necessary — even if they’re off your network.

Students keeping their laptops over the summer? With continuous visibility of every asset, you can track inventory, enforce geofences, or push updates or the coming year — entirely remote, even off-network.

"Our devices are an asset, and we need to protect them. Absolute is highly valuable to us in this capacity."

Erik Greenwood, CTO, Anaheim Union High School District

AUHSD supports 33,187 students and 1380 teachers

Reliably collect devices when the time comes

Device Collection Handbook

This guide takes you through our recommended approach to device collections, incorporating both communication and technology guidelines to seamlessly reclaim your district’s devices.

View Handbook

Chromebook Collection Guide

A step-by step guide to help you streamline end of year Chromebook collection. Be prepared for what’s next, whether it’s continued remote learning or a return to the classroom.

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Asset Accountability Best Practices

See how you can manage and control all your Chromebook, Windows, and Mac devices from a single place. Maintain full visibility and control, no matter where they are.

Manage remote devices from a single, cloud-based console

Survey, optimize, and secure all your devices — PC, Mac, and Chromebook — from a unified dashboard, saving time and reducing the load on remote IT and security teams. Absolute is already firmware-embedded by the world’s biggest PC manufacturers, so you can remotely activate to begin identifying and solving security issues.

"Absolute is an integral part of the BCPSS Information Technology Plan and it is installed on every single mobile device in the district."

Mike Pitroff, CTO, Baltimore City Schools

BCPSS supports 200 schools, 8,000 teachers, and 85,000 students

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Manage remote devices from a single, cloud-based console

On-Demand Webinar: Distance Learning's Impact on Education IT

Join us as we review the findings of our landmark K-12 report, highlighting key trends and revealing a strategic blueprint for modern learning environments.

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5 Steps to Adapt Your Devices to Online Learning

Leverage Absolute to ensure your learning resources are accessible and your inventory is kept up-to-date during remote learning.

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3 Actions Education Administrators Can Take Now to Save Time Managing Online Learning Programs

IT leaders are facing unique challenges as they adapt to online learning. Follow these strategies to manage the workload efficiently.

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Ensure productivity with detailed asset intelligence

Absolute’s firmware-embedded position enables a persistent stream of data, including device location, usage, and health. Web usage analytics shine a light on how time is spent online — so you can keep students safe and engaged with content. Detailed device information can prove the value of your investment to school boards and help you cut waste from IT budgets.

"Web Usage gives us insight to how students are using in-class screen time, and allows us to update our web filters to guide them back to productive work. We also enjoyed the fact that we can ensure all of our devices are up-to-date."

Eric Ramos, Chief Technology Officer, Duarte USD

Duarte serves 3,400 students at the elementary, K-8 and high school levels

Ensure productivity with detailed asset intelligence

21/22 Endpoint Risk Report | Education Edition

Explore the latest trends in K-12 device usage and management, from Absolute’s annual study of over 10,000 schools and districts.

Read the Report

Watch the highlights to learn key insights from the report

New research from Absolute examines the effects of distance learning on endpoint health, device usage, safety, and security as schools ­adapt to remote and hybrid learning models in 2020/21.

Web Usage Reporting

See how Absolute lets you gather detailed web usage info from school devices, so you can drive better learning outcomes and keep students safe.

View Data Sheet

Duarte Unified School District

Duarte manages its 1:1 device program with confidence, thanks to the firmware-embedded link that Absolute provides to their devices. See which features are making an impact for Duarte.

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Absolute for Chromebooks

Secure and manage student devices with speed and precision by integrating your Chromebook management with Absolute.

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Managing Remote Learning

See how Absolute enables safe and secure remote learning.

Adapt to a new world of online-enabled learning

After school returns to the classroom, Absolute's undeletable digital tether lets you respond to threats and security gaps in real time. The self-healing connection keeps critical applications such as SCCM, VPN, antivirus, and encryption present, healthy, and up-to-date. So you’re always able to protect data and assets, ensure compliance, and prepare for audits — whether you’re satisfying CARES Act requirements or otherwise.

"We continue to choose Absolute because of their innovation. They help us stay ahead of compliance and offer the latest advantages to our students and faculty."

Chris Cummings, Director of Information Technology, Teaching & Learning, Klein ISD

Klein ISD supports over 53,000 students and 7,000 staff

Adapt to a new world of online-enabled learning

Absolute for K-12 Education

See how Absolute helps you overcome a complex IT environment and ensure the integrity of your devices and data.

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Back to School Guide

However the new school year may look for you, this guide will help you prepare your device inventory.

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Distance Learning's Impact on Education IT

Absolute examines the effects of distance learning on endpoint health, device usage, safety, and security as schools adapt to remote and hybrid learning models in the 2020/21 school year.

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Trusted by nearly 21,000 organizations

"Absolute and their Student Technology Analytics give us the ability to see how and when our devices are being used and correlate that information to student outcomes."

Erik Greenwood

CTO at Anaheim Union High School District

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