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Complete intelligence and resilience for your school’s IT assets

With a tamper-proof link to all your devices, you can improve learning outcomes while protecting your students — and get more value out of your tech budget.

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How Absolute supports safer, smarter, and more secure learning environments

Track and secure your Chromebooks

Monitor and manage your student devices to protect your students and IT investment.

  • Track devices on a Google map including recent and historical locations
  • Recover lost or stolen devices with the Absolute Investigations team
  • Be alerted when a device goes out of a geofence you define
  • Set alerts to know when the health of your Chromebooks has been compromised
  • Respond to vulnerabilities by freezing devices with custom messages — scheduled or on-demand

Protect your 1:1 investment and manage it efficiently

Create a persistent, self-healing connection to all your devices — on or off your network.

  • Manage all your technology from a single pane of glass across different platforms
  • Find missing devices, even if the hard drive or OS has been wiped
  • Respond by locking down devices, freezing them, or wiping data remotely
  • Ensure all devices are returned at the end of the school year

Safeguard your students and their data

Reduce risk and prove compliance in the face of compromising activity.

  • Protect sensitive data with resilient encryption, geofencing, and remote controls
  • Detect and uninstall unauthorized apps
  • Repair or replace critical apps that have been disabled or removed
  • Reveal security gaps and quickly address device, student, or data risks
  • Enforce an effective Internet Safety Policy

Discover savings in your IT budget

Maximize the return on your tech investment and reduce loss, theft, and waste.

  • Prove your technology is improving student learning outcomes
  • Find underused or forgotten devices and software licenses
  • Deter device theft and recover lost hardware
  • Prove CIPA compliance to secure e-Rate discounts

Improve learning outcomes with data and analytics

See when and where students use devices, driving decisions that benefit your students and educators

  • Correlate at-home and in-school use with academic performance
  • Detect struggling students for early and effective intervention
  • Secure funding with proof that technology is having a positive impact
  • Understand usage patterns during learning interruptions, such as inclement weather

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"Absolute and their Student Technology Analytics give us the ability to see how and when our devices are being used and correlate that information to student outcomes."

Erik Greenwood

CTO at Anaheim Union High School District

Understand the most common cybersecurity issues for educators

Cybersecurity and Education: The State of the Digital District in 2020

Get insights into the K-12 cybersecurity crisis in this research report compiled from analyzing more than three million student devices over one year.

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