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Manage and secure every student device — no matter where it is

Confidently support your online learning programs with Absolute — the only persistent, unbreakable connection to devices, data, and applications

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How Absolute supports safer, smarter, and more secure learning environments

See and control every device — even when your team is remote

More devices in the wild and evolving end-of-year return plans require a solid inventory system. Maintain visibility with a persistent connection to every device, and take immediate action on incidents and alerts. Automate — or confidently adjust — your device collection strategy, with the ability to track, lock, or wipe devices — on or off your network.

Manage your Chromebooks from a versatile, cloud-based console

Build customized, exportable reports to identify and solve device issues at scale. Sync with Google Admin Console to use Absolute’s precise controls on already-defined device groups — and save time for your IT team by managing your Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows devices together.

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Find and recover missing devices

Take action when devices leave your sight, whether it’s intentional or accidental. Locate missing devices, and freeze or wipe endpoints that are compromised or affected by ransomware — even if they’re encrypted. Recover stolen devices with help from the Absolute Investigations team.

Enable online learning and stay audit-ready

Absolute gives you unparalleled line-of-sight to your devices and data. The self-healing connection keeps critical applications such as SCCM, VPN, antivirus, and encryption present, healthy, and up-to-date protecting data, ensuring compliance, and helping to secure funding.

Manage student devices remotely, at scale

A comprehensive library of automated workflows keeps devices up-to-date and secure — no scripting required. Reduce the load on IT and security teams with pre-built commands for enforcing updates, configuring devices, removing harmful extensions, and installing applications, and customized scripts for seasonal management tasks.

Foster productive and safe online activity

Detailed web usage analytics shine a light on when and where time online is spent, contrasting learning tools with categories of potential distraction. Identify and take action on potential violations and unsafe content, regardless of network and filters. Engagement reports capture which tabs are in focus: if educational resources are open — but active time is spent elsewhere — you’ll know.

Protect your investment and preserve IT budget

Secure your budgets by proving the value of your investment — from improved asset management and stronger learning outcomes. Correlate device and web usage data with academic results across classes, schools, and districts. 

Deploy remotely and manage from anywhere

Absolute is the only endpoint security solution factory-installed by every major PC manufacturer. Embedded in the BIOS of over half a billion devices, chances are, you already have it. All you have to do is activate it — remotely — for immediate visibility and control.

“Web Usage gives us insight to how students are using in-class screen time, and allows us to update our web filters to guide them back to productive work. We also enjoyed the fact that we can ensure all of our devices are up-to-date.”

Eric Ramos - Technology Officer
Duarte USD

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