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What is Cyber Resilience?

"Being able to withstand [cyber attacks and failures] and continue to operate that system, even in a degraded or debilitated sense to keep the mission going..."

-Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow, National Institute of Standard and Technology

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Where do I start with Cyber Resilience?

"I have to make sure that I have the stronger controls around where my critical customer and sensitive data sits because it is about preserving that, but more importantly being able to recover from it quickly."

-Samir Sherif, CISO, Absolute Security

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What is the Capability Gap?

"The difference between the actual product functions and the feature adoption by those product users. ... We need to do a better job of using what we already have."

-Jeff Laskowski, VP of Global Professional Services, Absolute Security

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How Can Application Self-Healing Maximize my Cybersecurity investment?

"A goal in the cybersecurity is to maximize our existing investments. ... These investments paired with automation and intelligence goes a long way to close the security gap..."

-Dave Mundo, VP of Data Intelligence, Absolute Security

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