Absolute Shares Top Education Theft Recoveries of 2015

February 09, 2016

Absolute Has Helped Recover More Than 38,000 Mobile Devices from 112 countries

Vancouver, Canada: February 9, 2016  Absolute® Software Corporation (TSX: ABT) the industry standard for persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions, today announced the most compelling Education theft investigations of 2015.

These theft stories highlight the value of Persistence technology by Absolute in helping school districts safeguard their computer and tablet learning devices. Faced with increasing incidents of theft and crime, the ability to recover missing and stolen endpoints is a meaningful outcome for these schools.

Persistence technology is embedded into the core of devices at the factory. Once activated, it provides a reliable two-way connection so Education organizations can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and maintain the safety of students that use these devices.

When a device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team works with law enforcement to help recover the device. Since its inception, the Absolute Investigations team has helped recover more than 38,000 mobile devices from 112 countries, leveraging proven strategic relationships with more than 7,600 police agencies worldwide.

“The Absolute Investigations team conducted more than 5,700 investigations in 2015,” said Ward Clapham, Vice President, Investigations, Absolute. “By recovering these school devices, our customers do not have to pay for replacements. Instead, they can invest in learning initiatives that benefit their students.”

Theft recovery services are often combined with Absolute Safe Schools, a program delivered by Absolute investigators that works with students, staff, and the community to create a safer school environment.

Some examples of successful theft investigations are:

Runaway Student is Safe & Sound
A student who was having trouble at home and at school ran away, taking her school laptop with her. Her parents had no idea where the teenager was and were extremely worried. Working closely with local law enforcement, Absolute investigators were able to geolocate the school device which was still in the student’s possession. Police made contact with the girl to verify that she was safe and secure, and put her in touch with her parents.

Three Strikes & You’re Out
Three desktop computers and monitors—along with other electrical equipment — were stolen from a Florida school. The school reported the burglary to Absolute and an investigation began. Post-theft, and over the course of several days, each computer came on line via the same unauthorized user. After collecting enough information to determine the location and user identity, Absolute investigators handed over the evidence to the police. A search of the subject’s residence recovered all three devices along with other equipment for a fast and effective recovery.

A Greek Tragedy
A university laptop was stolen during a Greek Life event, a large fundraising initiative that supports homeless families. While everyone was working hard to raise money for the cause, one bad actor made off with a campus computer. The investigation took some time since the device only connected intermittently. But Absolute investigators were relentless and after close to a year, they were able to identify the unauthorized user, who turned out to be an employee at the venue where the event occurred. Local police used the evidence to charge the end user with felony theft, a fitting outcome for the thief and a positive result for the university.

Theft, Cross-State Recovery, Intervention
A student left a school laptop in their car much to the delight of a “lucky” thief who promptly broke into the vehicle and made off with the device. The high school reported the theft and Absolute investigators began monitoring the laptop on line. The computer moved from state to state, starting in Alabama where it was sold to an unsuspecting eBay buyer in Arizona who in turn sold it to an eBay buyer in Idaho. After much back and forth — and one refund — the computer ended up in the hands of a 12 year old girl. It was evident the young girl was in need of help given references she made to suicide, bullying, and self-harm. Local police contacted the family and the child was found to be unharmed. The device was recovered and the investigation into the original theft is ongoing.

For more information on Absolute DDS for Education, visit www.absolute.com/education

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