Absolute Mobile Theft Management (MTM) provides education customers with infrastructure and support to mitigate iPad® and Chromebook device loss. And if an iPad or Chromebook is reported stolen, the Absolute Investigations team will work closely with local law enforcement to assist in the investigation and recover the device.

Absolute MTM comprises two important components delivered by the Absolute Investigations team:

Absolute Safe Schools Program

Delivered by the Absolute Investigations team, the Absolute Safe Schools program implements best practices within your school to promote student safety, deter criminals, and protect your technology investment. The program includes:

  • Planning meeting with school stakeholders
  • On-site analysis of device storage and security protocols
  • Comprehensive safety training for students and staff
  • On-site awareness campaign including “Protected Campus” signage, safety tips posters, and anti-theft stickers
  • On-going interaction with school police and crime prevention officers
  • Device ID tagging and database for recovery services

Theft Investigation Services

Once you report a stolen iPad or Chromebook to local police, file a theft report in Customer Center to engage the Absolute Investigations team. The team will immediately begin an investigation, assisting the police, and facilitating the return of the device. This reduces the amount of time and resources you would typically invest in security incident management. The program includes:

  • Device registration within the Absolute Device Database Rapid Response Service once a theft is reported
  • Investigative services
  • Preparation of court-ready investigative reports
  • Device discovery and return services
  • Service guarantee

The Theft Investigation program includes a service guarantee in the event the Absolute Investigations team is unable to recover a stolen iPad or Chromebook. Some conditions apply.