Adaptive endpoint security solutions tailored to your industry's specific needs.

Absolute DDS provides you with a persistent connection to all of your endpoints and the data they contain. This means you’re always in control, even if a device is off the network or in the hands of an unauthorized user. Your connection to each device provides you with the insight you need to assess risk and apply scenario-appropriate security measures.

Endpoint Security

Absolute DDS

Assess risk and apply remote security measures so you can protect each endpoint and the sensitive data it contains. Learn more

Absolute DDS for Education

Deliver a digital learning experience while promoting a safer school environment and securing your IT assets. Learn more

Absolute DDS for Healthcare

Support a mobile workforce and secure patient data beyond the network. Learn more

Application Resiliency

Application Persistence

Application Persistence by Absolute provides your applications with unique self-healing capabilities, even if an endpoint is off your network and beyond your control. Learn more

New solution

Endpoint Data Discovery

Your users could be anywhere… and so could your data. If your ability to monitor sensitive data is limited to the network, then you’re only getting half the story. Learn More