Absolute works closely with Qualcomm Inc. to leverage the Qualcomm Gobi global mobile internet solution for laptops.

Mobile computers featuring Gobi technology can take advantage of high-speed mobile internet services from network operators in virtually all parts of the world. By enabling the Absolute platform to work with the Gobi module, Absolute customers gain access to GPS data for enhanced location determination.

Absolute customers can leverage the combined power of Absolute and Qualcomm Gobi for all devices in their deployment that have the Gobi technology designed into the hardware. Customers can also use the Mobile Broadband Adapter report to track these devices.

A supported mobile broadband adapter is required. Examples include:

Qualcomm Gobi 1000

  • Dell Wireless 5600 (EV-DO-HSPA) mobile broadband mini-card
  • HP un2400 mobile broadband module
  • Qualcomm UNDP-1, 9202, and 250D

Qualcomm Gobi 2000

  • Dell Wireless 5620 (EV-DO-HSPA) mobile broadband mini-card
  • HP un2420
  • Qualcomm UNDP-1, 920B, and 9205
  • Gobi-based Sierra Wireless equipment