Absolute's Top Education Theft Recoveries

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/9/2016

Absolute has helped recover more than 38,000 devices from 112 countries, thanks to our technology and the support of our Absolute Investigations team. In 2015 alone, we conducted more than 5,700 theft investigations. Aside from helping to solve thousands of cases, our theft recoveries can have a meaningful impact on a case-by-case basis. In education, for example, the theft of a device can greatly impact the educational outcomes of students and classrooms and have costly repercussions for the entire school.

School districts are now faced with increased incidents of theft and crime and the recovery of stolen computers and tablets can greatly affect these schools. In a recent release, we detailed some of the most provocative education theft investigations of 2015.

Education Theft Recoveries - It’s About More than Just Recovering Devices

  • Runaway Student is Safe & Sound - A student struggling both at home and school ran away, worrying her parents. The teen took her school laptop with her, allowing Absolute investigators to work closely with local law enforcement to geolocate the device and locate the girl, connecting her with her parents.
  • Theft, Cross-State Recovery, Intervention - A school laptop left in a student car became the property of one “lucky” thief. During the investigation, the laptop kept moving State to State, starting in Alabama where it was sold to an unsuspecting eBay buyer in Arizona, who in turn sold it to an eBay buyer in Idaho. After much back and forth – and one refund – the computer ended up in the hands of a 12-year-old girl. It became evident this young girl was in need of help, referencing suicide, bullying, and self-harm. In addition to recovering the device, this investigation helped local police contact the family and ensure the child was unharmed.
  • Three Strikes & You’re Out - Three desktop computers and monitors were stolen from a Florida school. Post-theft, each computer started to come online - from the same user. We collected the location and built out a user identity, giving law enforcement the information they needed to search and retrieve the stolen property.
  • A Greek Tragedy - A university laptop was stolen during a Greek Life fundraising event, which was to benefit the homeless. The device only connected intermittently, slowing our investigation, but we kept collecting information until we could identify the unauthorized user, who turned out to be an employee at the venue where the event occurred. Local police used the evidence to charge the end user with felony theft, a fitting outcome for the thief and a positive result for the university.

Absolute DDS for Education not only helps secure your technology investment, but also helps protect your students. Persistence technology, embedded in the core of devices at the factory, provides a reliable two-way connection so Education organizations can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and maintain the safety of students that use these devices. When a device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team works with law enforcement to help recover the device. Theft recovery services are often combined with Absolute Safe Schools, a program delivered by Absolute investigators that works with students, staff, and the community to create a safer school environment. Learn more about why Colleges, Universities and K-12 students around the world rely on Absolute.

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