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If organizations rely on your software to maintain their security posture, then trust is the currency you trade in. Absolute can help you grow that trust.

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Endpoint agents fail — but yours could heal itself when it does

Our annual review of millions of devices, agents, and apps has revealed some sobering findings for security leaders in 2020.


Security controls are installed on the average enterprise device


Enterprise devices has a VPN that is out of compliance


Enterprise devices has an AV or encryption app that is out of compliance

What happens when malicious agents or negligent users attempt to remove your app?

Absolute allows the gold image of your app to persist through any attempt to disable it, malicious or otherwise. Leverage Absolute Persistence® technology to make your product more resilient.

Technology Partnership Opportunities

Application Persistence Partners

We'll do all the work for you. We’ll monitor and maintain the health of your security applications using our Persistence technology and make them available through our Application Persistence (AP) catalog.

Our shared customers get self-healing capabilities for your industry-leading applications without requiring professional services engagements.

You get regular reports about the health of your applications in our mutual customers' environments including what is failing and why so that you can continuously improve your apps. No development, testing or product integration required by you.

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Persistence as a Service Partners

Provide self-healing capabilities directly to your customers from within your own applications. Work with us to extend our Persistence capabilities to your applications.

Your customers get better return on their investment and confidence that your Persisted applications will self-heal and remain installed, providing confidence that their mission-critical products are always healthy and effective.

You get improved customer satisfaction, reduced support calls and trust through more resilient, healthier applications.

Now accepting early access applications for our Persistence as a Service (PaaS) program.

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Gain an undeletable digital tether

Absolute offers you firmware-based persistence on devices made by the top 25 PC manufacturers, including Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft. Our technology provides an undeletable digital tether to devices, data, and business applications — which we can extend to your applications.

Maintain better application health

With Absolute Persistence® technology, your app will be able to survive both accidental and malicious interference. Automatically report, repair and reinstall the application — not just of your software but when components like the OS, hard drive, and motherboard are changed so that your software is not reinstalled.

So, you’ll be able to guarantee the health and availability of your product, no matter what.

We enable Customers & Partners to persist their industry-leading solutions

Many of the world’s most-used endpoint tools are persisted by Absolute – and we’re adding more all the time.

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