Absolute Application Resilience

Ensure your mission-critical apps remain installed, healthy, and effective

Every app fails – except those backed by Application Resilience

Absolute Application Resilience™ delivers the ability to monitor application health and automatically repair and/or re-install unhealthy third-party applications listed in the Application Resilience catalog to restore them to healthy operations.

Common decay, unintentional deletion, or malicious actions can easily impact the integrity and efficacy of security application and endpoint management tools. Absolute Application Resilience provides the needed visibility into your mission-critical applications’ efficacy and allows for application self-healing if needed.


Gain visibility into the efficacy of your security applications

Monitor the usage and report on the health of your mission-critical applications

Boost instant remediation of vulnerabilities

Go beyond monitoring by establishling Application Resilience policies that automatically repair and/or re-install mission-critical applications.

Keep users connected to the data and applications they need

Ensure your employees stay productive and always have access to their mission-critical applications.

Be prepared for internal and external audit

Prevent compliance drift by automatically re-generating mission-critical apps. Ensure all your devices are in line with HIPAA, HITECH, CCPA, GDPR, NIST, or other frameworks.

Maintain a focused and efficient helpdesk

Relieve the strain on your IT team. Application Resilience automatically remediates unhealthy apps, freeing up your helpdesk to tackle more complex problems.

What our customers love about Absolute

"It takes a lot for me to put my faith in an application. I have confidence that the stats Absolute shows me are true to what’s going on in the network. I believe everything it tells me."

Paul Baird, IT Operations Manager

Bovis Homes

Bovis Homes

Industry-leading software applications, protected by Application Resilience

Explore the full catalog of Application Resilience Supported Apps and Versions

Independent Software Vendors

Make sure your software continues to work even after disruptions, attacks and human error.

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