New South Construction Chooses Absolute Secure Access, Simplifies Deployment, and Improves End User Experience for Remote Workers

To Support Mobile Workers and Improve Efficiency, New South Construction Sought a New Approach to Remote Access

New South Construction is a construction company headquartered in Georgia. The company found itself with a need to support a remote workforce and found an answer with Absolute.

The Story

Access Corporate Resources From Anywhere

The construction industry is driven by deadlines. With so many people working from home, that’s what drove New South Construction to look for a secure, reliable way for employees to share files, grab blueprints, and access corporate resources from anywhere. The IT team also wanted a bulletproof way to install apps remotely, as well as manage remote jobsites without installing costly network appliances at every location.

Security Challenges

Seamless Remote
Access and Roaming


IT Tickets

"Absolute Secure Access makes it easy for our remote users to connect to our network automatically, reducing helpdesk call volumes by 50%. No more frustrated end users calling about forgotten passwords."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Seamless Connectivity Without Compromising on Security

Using Absolute Secure Access to leverage both on-prem and cloud apps, IT can centrally manage remote access for all jobsites and install applications on users’ laptops. Users enjoy a seamless login process that keeps them connected to the network without re-authenticating, making it easier for employees to quickly retrieve the files they need from anywhere.

"I was really happy with the tech support team when we migrated to the new solution. We only had a few hiccups, but the Absolute team was so helpful and knowledgeable that the deployment was easy."


The Results

Eliminating Mobile Employee Frustration and Improving Productivity

Absolute Secure Access delivers an easy-to-implement and manageable replacement for Microsoft® DirectAccess that supports New South Construction’s existing and future IT strategy. It provides transparent transitions between cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired networks so employees stay productive and get their jobs done without having to reconnect to a VPN. Users gain seamless roaming while IT remotely monitors and manages devices accessing the corporate network.

For New South Construction, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Simplifies the process of enforcing security policies for always-on connections without any user intervention or disruption
  • Eliminates mobile employee frustration and support calls related to Active Directory/Group Policy and password issues
  • Optimizes bandwidth by monitoring and controlling network traffic, regardless of its destination (inside or outside the tunnel)
  • Eliminates costly remote access hardware at every jobsite thanks to mobile edge enforcement, actively monitoring inbound/outbound traffic on each device and preventing chokepoints while reducing corporate infrastructure load

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