Absolute Secure Access Supports Lincoln International With Reliable Mobile Connectivity

Lincoln International Leverages Absolute Secure Access to Empower Employees to Access IT Resources Securely

As a globally renowned, fully integrated M&A consultancy, Lincoln International offers services on all matters related to corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions. The company also advises clients on a host of needs, ranging from capital increases and company valuations to strategies for successful joint ventures. Leading this work is a dedicated team of more than 600 investment bankers and advisors working in Lincoln International’s 22 offices around the world.

The Story

Guarantee Secure, ‘Always-On’ Connectivity

The IT strategy at Lincoln International requires secure, seamless, ‘always-on’ connectivity for mobile workers that also conserves resources. Since the company often processes highly sensitive customer data, it is essential to adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulatory requirements. IT teams must therefore meet the strictest standards in terms of data protection and security.

Lincoln International uses Microsoft 365® and currently operates file servers in Germany. But as the company moves toward its multi-cloud goal, it is increasingly shifting elements of its IT to the cloud. The company’s previous VPN provider was a well-known firewall manufacturer that specialized in data access. Over time, however, managing this solution became very complex and time-consuming for users, who had to log in manually, open a VPN tunnel and carry out further steps. In addition to these problems, the IT team had to deal with a separate database of usernames and passwords. The high manual effort, lengthy processes, and the susceptibility to errors were the main reasons for the decision to replace this legacy VPN solution.

Security Challenges

Reliable Mobile

Device Monitoring
and Visibility

Secure Access to
Corporate Resources

"Absolute Secure Access now makes it much easier, safer, and more convenient for our mobile employees to use IT — anywhere, anytime."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Improved Network Visibility and Management

As a solution, Lincoln International has leveraged a remote connectivity product from Absolute since 2012. Its architecture enables IT monitoring and visibility of all mobile devices, all the way to the edge, regardless of the networks being used. A small Absolute Secure Access Client is installed on every mobile device and is ready for immediate use without any maintenance or manual setup of VPN tunnels.

Always-On Connectivity

Thanks to Absolute Secure Access, the optimized secure tunnel is always active in the background and can be used on demand. Better yet, the Absolute Secure Access Client acts as a distributed client firewall, preventing lateral movement through a network. This ensures excellent visibility and management, even in networks not owned or operated by the company.

The Results

Secure and Reliable Mobile Connectivity for the Anywhere Workforce

Like most companies, Lincoln International has had to adapt to a radically new working environment. Absolute Secure Access has been an integral part of the company’s successful transition.

For Lincoln International, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Provides stable, secure mobile connectivity for all employees, including back-office staff
  • Delivers simplified, reliable, and secure access to the corporate network without additional tools
  • Enables remote access to office hardware resources from anywhere
  • Delivers secure remote access powered by single sign-on (SSO) and session resilience, giving workers an always-on connection to critical applications
  • Easy visibility and management of the solution, allowing IT to proactively troubleshoot remote issues

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