Absolute Secure Endpoint 7.22 Release Summary

New on March 6, 2023

The Absolute Secure Endpoint March 2023 release (v7.22) helps IT and security teams:

Configure authorization thresholds for device actions that once reached would require a secondary approver. This minimizes the risk of disruptive actions being executed either by mistake or maliciously.

Maintain the efficacy of critical asset management, data protection, and security applications through Absolute Application Resilience by monitoring and remediating their health and integrity.

View configured geofences in map view to visually compare the location of devices with the location of geofences.

This release includes additional feature enhancements in several areas of the Absolute Platform, as outlined in the Release Notes.

What's New?

Configure Authorization Thresholds and a Secondary Approver for Device Actions

Certain device actions such as wiping a device, freezing a device, and running a script can be disruptive to an organization and so it’s important to ensure that they are not executed either by mistake or maliciously by a disgruntled employee or a threat actor. The new Dual Approver capability allows IT and security administrators to set authorization thresholds on the number of devices that can be included in device action requests before a secondary approver is required. Dual Approver is supported on the following device actions – Device Freeze, File Delete, Unenroll Device, Run Script, Send Message, and Cryptographic Wipe. The capability is available to customers subscribed to the Absolute Control and Absolute Resilience service tiers.

Screenshot of Dual Approver

Ensure the Efficacy of Critical Asset Management, Data Protection, and Security Applications

The Absolute Application Resilience™ catalog now includes support for nine new applications. Application Resilience delivers the ability to monitor application health and automatically repair and/or re-install unhealthy third-party applications listed in the Application Resilience catalog to restore them to healthy operations. Application Resilience is available through the Absolute Resilience service tier. The Application Resilience catalog adds support for the following applications:

Newly Supported Applications:

  • Available as of March 6, 2023:
    • eClinicalWorks Plug-in
    • Forescout SecureConnector
    • HCL BigFix
    • IMTLazarus Agent
    • Pixart MDM
    • Plurilock CloudCodes
    • Unowhy MDM
    • XM Cyber HaXM

New Supported Versions:

  • SentinelOne version 22.x or higher

Visually Compare the Location of Devices with Configured Geofences

You can now view geofences that have been configured through Location Rules in the map view to visually compare the location of your devices with configured geofences. This makes it easier for IT administrators to identify devices that are outside of an approved geofence to take swift remedial action. The ability to build geofences is available to customers subscribed to the Absolute Control and Absolute Resilience service tiers.

Screenshot of Geolocation

To learn more about other feature enhancements and fixes included in the Absolute Secure Endpoint March 2023 release (v7.22), please refer to the Release Notes.

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