Absolute Secure Endpoint 8.0 Release Summary

New on December 4, 2023

The Absolute Secure Endpoint December 2023 release (v8.0) helps IT and security teams:

Seamlessly access subpages, search for a specific device, and take action from within the Absolute Console through an enhanced UI navigation flow.

Verify end-user activity by monitoring new device usage events for when a device undergoes one of the following actions – shutdown, sleep or wake.

Gain additional context on the geotechnologies used to determine a device’s location.

Build Endpoint Data Discovery custom rules with greater flexibility to identify specific types of files.

Self-heal five new security applications added to the Absolute Application Resilience Catalog.

What's New?

Enhanced UI Navigation Flow

The Absolute Console’s improved navigation flow offers a more streamlined user experience minimizing steps to access specific pages and context-specific actions. Changes include the following:

Screenshot of dashboard

Expansion of Device Usage Events

An expansion of Device Usage events to verify end-user activity and be alerted to potential risks. Users can now view events for when a device undergoes one of the following actions - shutdown, sleep, or wake.

Screenshot of usage tab

Contextual Geolocation Information

Contextual information on the geotechnologies used (i.e., IP address, Wi-Fi and/or GPS) to determine a device’s location is now displayed on alert emails tied to Geofences as well as the Location History tab under the Device Details page.

Screenshot of contextual geolocation map

Flexibility in Creating Endpoint Data Discovery Custom Rules

Greater flexibility in creating Endpoint Data Discovery rules through support for the Regular Expressions (or RegEx) language as well as new operators that make it easier to find specific type of files (e.g., accounting files, healthcare records, etc.) across your devices.

Screenshot of rule definition

Additions to the Absolute Application Resilience Catalog

The Application Resilience™ Catalog now includes support for five new applications. Application Resilience delivers the ability to monitor application health and automatically repair and/or re-install unhealthy third-party applications listed in the Application Resilience catalog to restore them to healthy operations. The Application Resilience catalog adds support for the following applications:

To learn more about other feature enhancements and fixes included in the Absolute Secure Endpoint December 2023 release (v8.0), please refer to the Release Notes.

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