US Foods Recoups Staggering 1.1 Million Hours Plus Additional $800K Annually with Absolute Secure Access

With Absolute Secure Access, US Foods Improves Productivity

US Foods, one of the largest food distributors in the United States, partners with approximately 300,000 restaurants and food service operations to help their businesses succeed. US Foods employs a field team of over 6,000 reps to serve customers face-to-face.

The Story

Poor Connections Leads to Lost Hours of Sales Time

Dropped connections while placing purchase orders from customer sites forced frustrated sales staff to hand-write orders and leave the field early to submit them from home. This resulted in an average of 1.1 million lost hours of sales time each year. The poor connectivity also prevented reps from accessing real-time inventory data, causing them to place orders for out-of-stock items. This naturally led to customer dissatisfaction and lost work hours as reps tried to smooth things over.

Security Challenges

Seamless Connectivity
and Roaming

Saves 1.1M Hours
of Productivity

Recoups $800,000
in Printing Costs

"Absolute Secure Access has helped us move from a reactive sales approach to a proactive one."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Continuous Connectivity Improves Productivity and Efficiency in the Field

Thanks to Absolute Secure Access, US Foods employees now maintain continuous, reliable connections while roaming through spotty coverage zones, dead spots, and weak signal areas. Field sales teams can place orders and check real-time stock levels during sales calls. “Since reps are ordering on-site, they’re able to proactively explain any exceptions and keep the customers informed,” said US Foods Manager Daniel Corcoran. Because reps no longer need to input handwritten orders when they return from the field, US Foods has achieved efficiencies that equate to more than a million productive work hours per year.

Secure, Reliable Access to Corporate Resources Saves Over $800,000 Annually

With Absolute Secure Access’ always-on connection, sales staff can now reliably access online marketing collateral and training documents. This eliminates the need to pre-print materials for 6,300 active users, resulting in over $800,000 in annual cost savings. In addition, Absolute’s examination of US Foods’ information security and management policies found that employee devices were often left vulnerable to malware until software updates could be installed back at the office. Pairing Absolute Secure Access policies with an MDM solution closes a critical security gap. US Foods now benefits from timely antivirus and OS updates during non-business hours.

"Reliable real-time communication helps us gain back a lot of productivity, which equates to more sales."


The Results

Less Focus on Tech = More Customers Served

Absolute Secure Access delivers secure, always-on connectivity for US Foods’ existing applications and data, allowing the company’s mobile workforce to access accurate inventory data while out in the field with customers. Sales reps are no longer frustrated with their mobile technology and can focus on servicing more customers per day.

For US Foods, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Provides seamless connectivity even when roaming through wireless dead zones
  • Removes the need for repeat logins or configurations for field workers
  • Conserves 1.1 million hours in productivity
  • Recoups $800k in printing costs

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