Absolute Terms and Agreement FAQ

This FAQ includes information about Absolute's Terms and Agreements.

If you have a question not answered in this FAQ, please email [email protected].

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Can I access the Absolute Console if I don’t accept Absolute's Terms or Agreement?

No. You must accept the Agreement to log in to the Absolute Console. If you need more time for your legal team to review the documents, email [email protected] and we will arrange to temporarily unlock your account.

What if I don’t have the authority to accept the Absolute's Terms or Agreement?

If you don’t have the authority to accept Absolute's Agreement, you can email [email protected] to obtain copies that can be signed by your Legal team.

Where can I obtain more information?

If you have specific questions about Absolute's Agreement or the updated Privacy & Cookie Policy, contact your Absolute sales representative. You can direct members of your Legal team to contact the Absolute Legal team at [email protected].

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