This FAQ includes information about the Absolute End User License and Service Agreement.

If you have a question not answered in this FAQ, please email [email protected].


What has changed since EUSA 5.3?

The majority of changes in EUSA 5.4 relate to: (a) the rebranding of our product known as “Absolute Data & Device Security” or “Absolute DDS” to simply “Absolute”, with product editions rebranded as “Absolute Visibility”, “Absolute Control” and “Absolute Resilience”, (b) the rebranding of the “DDS console” to “Absolute Console”.

EUSA 5.4 includes references to Absolute’s new Application Persistence and Absolute Reach technologies.

EUSA 5.4 includes language to clarify that if a customer installs our technology on a greater number of customer devices than it has purchased licenses for, the customer will be obligated to pay Absolute additional license fees for the over-installation.

EUSA 5.4 includes language referring to a new Data Processing Addendum, and attaches the Data Processing Addendum as a new Appendix. The Data Processing Addendum is a document that all customers will be required to review and accept governing the processing of personal data. The purpose of the Data Processing Addendum is to ensure compliance with the European Union’s comprehensive new data protection legislation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, which comes into effect on May 25, 2018. Absolute takes its legal obligations relating to data protection and privacy very seriously, and this new Data Processing Addendum reflects this commitment. The terms of the new Data Processing Addendum will only apply to customers to whom GDPR applies -– including customers who are resident or established within the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or customers who will be using Absolute’s technology to processes personal data of individuals located in the European Economic Area or Switzerland. However, even if your organization does not currently fall within these categories, your organization will still be required to agree to the Data Processing Addendum.

What has changed in Absolute’s Privacy & Cookie Policy?

Absolute’s Privacy & Cookie Policy has been updated to ensure further transparency and compliance with GDPR. More specifically, new sections have been added titled “GDPR Compliance (European Union and European Economic Area)” and “Use by Children”. Additional language has been added in the section titled “Legal Basis and Purposes for Collecting Personal Information” to ensure greater openness and transparency about how and why we collect personal information. In addition, language has been added to clarify that individuals who believe one of Absolute’s customers has collected personal information about them through that customer’s use of Absolute’s services should make any requests about that personal information directly to the customer, not to Absolute.

When will the new EUSA, Data Processing Addendum, and Privacy & Cookie Policy take effect?

EUSA 5.4, the Data Processing Addendum, and the updated Privacy & Cookie Policy will go into effect on May 8, 2018.

What type of communication can I expect to receive about EUSA 5.4, the Data Processing Addendum, and the updated Privacy & Cookie Policy?

Along with this FAQ, we will be sending you emails and reminders via your Absolute Console account. Once the new EUSA and Data Processing Addendum are live on May 8, 2018, you will be presented with an electronic version of the EUSA with the Data Processing Addendum attached as an Appendix when you log in to the Absolute Console. At that time, you can review and accept the new EUSA and Data Processing Addendum, or you can contact us to provide a PDF copy for your Legal team to review.

Can I access the Absolute Console if I don’t accept the EUSA and Data Processing Addendum?

No. You must accept the EUSA and Data Processing Addendum to log in to the Absolute Console. If you need more time for your legal team to review the documents, email [email protected] and we will arrange to temporarily unlock your account.

What if I don’t have the authority to accept the EUSA or Data Processing Addendum?

If you don’t have the authority to accept the EUSA or Data Processing Addendum, you can email [email protected] to obtain copies that can be signed by your Legal team.

Where can I obtain more information?

If you have specific questions about EUSA 5.4, the Data Processing Addendum, or the updated Privacy & Cookie Policy, contact your Absolute sales representative. You can direct members of your Legal team to contact the Absolute Legal team at [email protected].

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