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Save time and money with unbreakable control of remote devices

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Users are continually disabling security controls and reconfiguring endpoints, creating headaches for IT and security teams. Lost and stolen devices waste time and money for organizations with distributed users.

Absolute Secure Endpoint provides unbreakable control of devices in any location, on or off the network. IT teams save time and money by remotely managing endpoints and recovering lost or stolen devices. Security teams confidently protect sensitive data with oversight built on device firmware.

With Absolute you can minimize disruption so users can get to work and keep working -- from anywhere.

Key Highlights

  • Improve security with remote device control
    • Automatically repair security applications for resilience
    • Protect sensitive data by wiping, deleting files, or freezing devices remotely
  • Save time and money managing endpoints
    • Provision, configure and update devices remotely
    • See, manage, and control all devices on and off the network
    • Reclaim stolen devices and increase device return rates using geolocation for tracking
  • Maximize user productivity
    • Anticipate issues, take steps to prevent failures, and shorten time to resolution
    • Minimize user disruption by updating and configuring devices remotely
    • Minimize time to recovery, even after a ransomware attack

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FEB 29, 2024

2 mins
Welcome & Speaker Intros
33 mins
The value of Secure Endpoint for Secure Access
5 mins


Steve Fallin

Steve Fallin

Director Product Management, Secure Access

Pat Nurre

Pat Nurre

Sales Engineer, Secure Endpoint

"It’s nice to have more control, more confidence, and more visibility of unusual behavior… [Absolute Secure Endpoint] is an indispensable part of our endpoint management and protection now"

Monica Ralhan, Head of Endpoint Infrastructure and User Experience, Royal Free London NHS Trust

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