Absolute Software Empowers Enterprise and Education Organizations to Maximize Technology Investments with Expanded Web Usage Analytics

March 15, 2021

VANCOUVER, British Columbia and SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 15, 2021 – Absolute Software™ (NASDAQ: ABST) (TSX: ABST), a leader in Endpoint Resilience™ solutions, today announced the availability of expanded Web Usage analytics, enabling IT and Security teams with deeper historical insights and customizable reports to better understand website usage patterns and web application adoption, as well as identify unsanctioned web apps or out-of-policy web behavior.

Absolute made its Web Usage feature generally available last year to help education and enterprise organizations ensure remote employees and students had the tools needed to remain connected, engaged, and secure. The company recently reported a 158 percent increase from Q1 FY21 to Q2 FY21 in the number of customers using it to help maximize their return on web-based technology investments and strengthen web security policies.

The need to measure and monitor web app usage is likely to continue as remote and hybrid models solidify their place in long-term plans. A recent International Data Corporation (IDC) report notes that 42 percent of IT decision makers indicated their companies plan to further invest in technology that closes the digital transformation gap, and predicts that 75 percent of the Global 2000 will commit to providing technical parity to their hybrid workforce by 2023.

For schools, web-based learning and collaboration solutions have played a critical role in enabling effective distance learning programs. More than 85 percent of the educators surveyed in an annual State of Technology in Education report agree that technology should be a core part of the learning experience, and nearly 80 percent confirmed the use of remote teaching tools.

“With increased spend and rapid deployment of new technology solutions, inevitably comes pressure to justify to key stakeholders that funds were spent wisely and effectively,” said Ameer Karim, EVP of Product Management at Absolute. “It is critical that IT and Security teams have solutions in place that are capable of both ensuring distributed users remain connected and secure, and generating the insights needed to demonstrate the value of technology in enabling remote work and distance learning programs.”

Absolute’s patented Persistence® technology, embedded in the firmware of more than half a billion endpoints, enables a permanent digital tether to every device even if off the corporate or school network. This complete, unbreakable visibility provides the foundation for capturing a broad range of device and user telemetry, including web usage analytics. Unlike traditional web filters which restrict user access, Absolute’s Web Usage analytics empower customers with insights into what websites or web apps users are actively engaging with so that they can take action if needed.

The latest enhancements to Absolute’s Web Usage feature enable enterprise and education organizations to:

  • Visually compare the actual time spent on customer-identified sites through customizable historical graphs, including a weekly overview with a 90-day history, to measure adoption of web-based tools and maximize return on technology investments.
  • Configure “daytime” or “core” hours to ensure web usage telemetry and reporting is tailored, accurate, and aligns with business or school operations.
  • Continuously monitor and identify users who access uncertified web apps or risky websites, and take action to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities or compliance violations.

Absolute’s Web Usage feature is part of the Absolute Resilience™ platform, and is available for Microsoft Windows® and Google Chrome OS™ devices. To learn more about the recent enhancements to Absolute’s Web Usage analytics and reporting, visit here.

To learn more about how Absolute’s undeletable defense platform enables always-connected visibility and Self-Healing Endpoint™ security, visit www.absolute.com.

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