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Frost & Sullivan Endpoint Security Radar Adds Absolute’s Resilience Capabilities

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Frost & Sullivan Endpoint Security Radar Adds Absolute’s Resilience Capabilities

The endpoint security market is shifting. Increasingly remote work environments and evolving cyber threats are driving innovation at a rapid pace. To help enterprises stay ahead of compliance, complexity, and threats, Frost & Sullivan published the annual Endpoint Security Radar that provides organizations with a way to confidently identify providers in the market and benchmark them against peers.

In a competitive field of more than 50 participants globally in the endpoint security space, Frost & Sullivan independently plotted 18 vendors. Having demonstrated its commitment to innovation and stellar growth, Absolute has been added to the Leader quadrant in the most recent edition. Absolute earned this designation, as it met all of the Frost & Sullivan evaluation criteria.

Frost & Sullivan Evaluation Criteria:

  • Growth Potential
    Absolute has significant future growth potential, which makes it a Company to Action
  • Best Practices
    Absolute is well positioned to shape Growth Pipeline™ best practices in its industry
  • Competitive Intensity
    Absolute is one of the key drivers of competitive intensity in the growth environment
  • Customer Value
    Absolute has demonstrated the ability to significantly enhance its customer value proposition
  • Partner Potential
    Absolute is top of mind for customers, investors, value chain partners, and future talent as a significant value provider

To learn more about why Absolute is a Frost & Sullivan leader in the Endpoint Security Market and how we can help you to build cyber resilience into your organization, download the report today.

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