Absolute Honors Innovative K12 Schools Improving Student Performance & Security Through Technology Analytics

February 28, 2018

Company recognizes Anaheim Union High School District & Santa Margarita Catholic High School with Safe, Smart & Secure Students Trailblazer Award for innovative use of technology in education

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — February 28, 2018  Absolute (TSX: ABT), the endpoint visibility and control company, today announced the winners of the Safe, Smart and Secure Students Trailblazer Awards by recognizing the Anaheim Union High School District and Santa Margarita Catholic High School. These school systems were selected based on their proven success advancing student and school performance with the use of student technology analytics to place learning tools into the hands of more students and using insights into usage to improve student and school performance. The winners each utilized deep insights on student laptop and tablet device usage to optimize student performance while safeguarding technology assets, protecting student and staff data, and securing funding for more advanced technology.

According to a recent study by IDC, “In most schools, IT is stretched thin because the influx of new devices doesn't typically yield commensurate increases in tech staff. Deploying, managing, and securing devices is a tricky business. And ensuring compliance around student and device safety is key to capturing and retaining funding.”

The Safe, Smart and Secure Students Trailblazer Awards were created by Absolute to recognize educators who have creatively implemented technology to help make students safer, smarter and more secure through effective digital citizenship. The award winners, those deemed “Trailblazers,” have established themselves as disruptors by enhancing the educational experience with device usage and performance analytics, and are actively fostering positive learning outcomes for both students and teachers.

“Access to mobile or portable devices in the classroom and at home is one of the most important enablers of students’ long-term success,” said Dean Ćoza, Vice President of Products and Corporate Development at Absolute. “When you can directly link technology investment to student performance outcomes, and help overworked educators focus on what matters most, the choice of where to invest becomes obvious. Absolute has dramatically expanded the value of its platform for school districts who wish to put the latest mobile devices or laptops into the hands of wider populations of students, and fully understand exactly how their student populations are taking advantage of this technology with data and analytics.”

The winners at Anaheim Union High School District and Santa Margarita Catholic High School are both using technology and analytics to:

  • Keep students and their technology safer both online and in the classroom;
  • Help nurture smarter, more prepared digital citizens;
  • Enable staff to more efficiently manage school assets; and,
  • Maintain asset accountability and monitor device usage analytics to optimize performance and investment.

“Absolute’s Student Technology Analytics gives us the ability to see how the devices are being used and when they are being used,” said Erik Greenwood, Chief Technology Officer at Anaheim Union High School District. “We are really excited to see the applications and the websites our students are using. And the possibility of correlating that to student outcomes.”

With its Student Technology Analytics, Absolute helps schools monitor and secure devices by allowing administrators to view analytics on device interaction and use, ensure resource optimization, and protect sensitive information. The Absolute cloud-based platform combined with patented Persistence technology puts organizations in absolute control of devices, data and applications – on or off the network. Absolute provides multi-operating system support on Windows, Mac and Chrome platforms, providing a central interface for managing and securing devices, data and other critical endpoints.

For more information about Absolute’s education solutions, visit https://www.absolute.com/solutions/education.

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