Absolute Security Posture Dashboard Eliminates Endpoint Blind Spots, Arming IT Security and Compliance Pros to Protect Data and Achieve Compliance

May 01, 2017

New “Fitbit-like” dashboard provides rich contextual insights to measure, monitor and improve endpoint health and compliance in near real-time, even when a device is off the corporate network

VANCOUVER, Canada: May 1, 2017  Absolute, the self-healing endpoint security company, today announced the first Security Posture Dashboard to provide at-a-glance measures of the health and compliance of endpoint devices and applications — both on and off the corporate network. For the first time, customers have a “Fitbit-like” dashboard to visualize their security posture, reduce data risk, prove compliance and continually strengthen security resiliency.

The Ponemon Institute’s soon-to-be-released “Cost of Insecure Endpoints Benchmark Study” reports nearly 60 percent of enterprises are not certain they can ensure endpoint compliance because endpoint applications have been disabled or devices taken off of the corporate network. Absolute’s new Security Posture Dashboard shines a spotlight on increasingly dangerous dark endpoints, delivering always-on visibility into endpoint application health and progress toward full compliance. It is part of Absolute’s cloud-based Data and Device Security product, an endpoint visibility and control solution that leverages an always-on connection to Absolute Persistence® technology that is already embedded and virtually impossible to remove from more than 1 billion PCs and mobile devices.

Visualizing Enterprise Endpoint and Data Security Posture

The Security Posture Dashboard displays near real-time measurements of anti-malware, encryption, systems management and other critical application compliance.

With endpoint agent health and compliance scores available on demand, customers can now diagnose and reduce risk across all of their endpoints while proving compliance. This level of visibility is especially critical for organizations with large numbers of easily compromised distributed endpoints that contain sensitive data.

“Enterprises struggle to get a good picture of endpoint agent status and determine compliance. Blind spots are the norm, not the exception, and almost daily we see new threats and exploits taking advantage of those weaknesses,” said Eric Aarrestad, EVP, Product Management, Absolute. “Now, with Absolute’s Security Posture Dashboard, you can quickly and easily understand your current endpoint security health and immediately improve it. This approach instantly allows enterprises to better ensure compliance, improve governance, better understand risk exposure — and stay out of the headlines.”


The Absolute Security Posture Dashboard is available immediately for Absolute Data and Device Security Professional and Premium customers. Contact Absolute for an advance copy of the Ponemon Institute’s cost benchmarking study, or for more information on assessing and improving endpoint security and compliance, go to www.absolute.com/dds.

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