Prove compliance

Safeguard your reputation and avoid compliance fines when auditors come knocking

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After an incident involving sensitive data, don’t just protect that data — prove it to your customers and regulators so you can build trust and avoid penalties.

Remove all doubt that controls were in place

72% of organizations depend on manual inspection to determine endpoint compliance — Ensure that encryption, antimalware, and other controls remain intact when an incident occurs — and prove it to even the most tenacious auditor with remotely-generated reports.


All tiers of the Absolute platform produce reports on the status of encryption, VPN, anti-malware, and other essential security controls. These reports appear in the cloud-based console and can be presented to auditors.

Know where all your sensitive data lives

41% of organizations are not confident they can determine compliance for endpoint devices Reduce the risk of compliance fines by identifying all endpoints that contain at-risk data. Remotely wipe sensitive data from any device that has been compromised.


Absolute uses continuous benchmarking to validate data protection for PII, PHI, PFI, and other regulatory standards. Should you discover this data on an at-risk endpoint — for example, one that has left a predetermined area or is connected to a cloud-based hosting service — Absolute lets you selectively delete that data.

Build and maintain trust with your customers

80% of US adults are concerned with the way companies use their personal data — Reduce security risks by making your controls resilient. Whenever your applications are disabled or misconfigured, Absolute allows them to self-heal and indicate that they’re still protecting sensitive data.


Absolute’s BIOS-level Persistence allows it to ensure that all security agents are installed and functioning as intended – and gives you the tools to remotely update them if they are not. Absolute Application Persistence can extend to your essential applications, giving them the same self-healing.

Other ways Absolute reduces your risk

Enforce endpoint security standards

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Detect endpoint risks

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Respond to endpoint risks

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“Endpoint security without Absolute is a scary thought. Our compliance officer has complete peace-of-mind knowing we can maintain a connection with each device.”

Mark Willenbring - Business Analyst
St. Joseph Home Care Network

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