Absolute Secure Endpoint

Reliable, resilient endpoints for the anywhere workforce

Setting the cyber resiliency bar for your device fleet

Ensuring that your employees’ endpoints are cyber-resilient is paramount to productivity, business continuity, as well as your organization’s security and compliance posture. Absolute is known as the pioneer of endpoint resilience. Unique, patented Persistence® technology embedded in the firmware of 600+ million devices provides a secure, always-on connection between the Absolute cyber resilience platform and your endpoints. This allows IT and security personnel to monitor and address computers’ problems and enables the devices and their mission-critical applications to self-heal.


Absolute Secure Endpoint™ compliments your existing endpoint security and endpoint management tools to

Optimize hardware inventory management for audit accuracy and improved device allocation

Streamline software inventory and control to assure productivity and eradicate shadow IT

Understand device and Web application usage for improved ROI

Enable remote device lifecycle management to increase IT efficiency

Improve helpdesk effectiveness by anticipating device issues and improving time-to-resolution

Assess security posture for governance purposes and minimize risk exposure

Enforce security standards to comply with industry standards, regulatory mandates, and internal policies

Respond to endpoint risks at scale and efficiently

Recover from incidents with confidence

Give your IT team constant visibility into endpoints

Serves as source of truth for device and application health

  • Streamline hardware audits and software audits, avoid multi-platform fragmentation, optimize end user productivity, and optimize lease/licensing management.
  • Identify and eliminate hardware or software waste, analyze usage patterns, and prove ROI.
  • Track and locate all of your enrolled devices, on and off your corporate network.
  • Report on the health status of mission-critical applications.
  • Report on encryption and anti-virus/malware status across your device population.
  • Discover sensitive data (e.g., PII, PHI, company IP) across your device fleet and identify devices that are syncing sensitive files with cloud storage services.

Take action to safeguard your devices, apps, and data

Provides a lifeline to protect at-risk devices and data

  • Detect unauthorized device movement and be alerted when a device crosses an established geofence.
  • Freeze devices when threats have been detected and notify users with a custom message - automated or on demand.
  • Selectively delete files on any device from anywhere and remotely perform an end-of-life device wipe in accordance with NIST 800-88 with compliance certificate.

Achieve resilient, self-healing endpoints

Assure a confident risk response

  • Leverage Application Resilience to automatically repair or reinstall mission-critical applications when they have been disabled, or are not running in a healthy state.
  • Take remedial action across devices by leveraging a library of hundreds of customized scripts to accelerate your response and recovery efforts.
  • Leverage the expert Absolute Investigation team to locate and recover stolen devices in collaboration with law enforcement.

Boost ransomware preparedness and time-to-recovery

  • Assess your strategic ransomware readiness.
  • Establish a cyber hygiene baseline across endpoints.
  • Expedite recovery tasks by leveraging a set of unique capabilities (e.g., secure, on-device communications; device freeze; Reach script library).
  • Receive remote assistance in your endpoint recovery efforts following an established playbook that applies field-proven best practices.

Choose according to your business needs

Within the Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio, we offer a variety of products.


Absolute Visibility

Source of truth for device and application health.

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What's Included:

  • Device Health
  • Measure device usage
  • Security Posture
  • Application Health
  • Device Usage
  • Geolocation
  • Web Application Usage
  • Endpoint Data Discovery

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Absolute Control

Lifeline to protect at-risk devices and data.

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All Visibility capabilities, plus:

  • Geofencing
  • Device Freeze
  • File Delete
  • Device Wipe
  • End User Messaging
  • Remote Firmware Protection

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Absolute Resilience

Delivers application self-healing and confident risk response.

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All Control capabilities, plus:

  • Application Resilience
  • Remediation Script Library
  • Investigations and Recovery of Lost/Stolen Devices

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Absolute Ransomware Response

Ransomware preparedness and expedited recovery

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What's Included

  • Strategic Ransomware Readiness Check
  • Cyber Hygiene Baseline Across Endpoints
  • Recovery Task Acceleration
  • Remote Assistance

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