Ensure GDPR compliance

Monitor and secure PII, prevent data breaches, and automate your response to incidents and vulnerabilities

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GDPR non-compliance can lead to costly fines, loss of reputation, and liability for material and non-material damages. Absolute helps you satisfy requirements without making compliance costly.

Support GDPR compliance with unbreakable visibility and control

426% rise in personal data breach reports since implementation of GDPR — Create a persistent, two-way connection to all your devices and data — and ensure appropriate access, management, and disposition. Automatically fix issues as they arise.


The Absolute agent is self-healing and resilient. Whenever the agent is uninstalled or altered, it reinstalls itself automatically, ensuring you can always see your devices in your console and maintain control over the apps and data on them.

Secure the applications that make compliance possible

55% of endpoints contain sensitive data or confidential information — Get alerts when essential applications are removed, absent, or corrupted, and enable them to reinstall themselves. Integrate with information protection solutions to automatically encrypt or restrict access to data.


Absolute’s BIOS-level Persistence allows you to remotely ensure that all security agents are installed and functioning as intended or remotely update them if they are not. Go beyond visibility to give all your essential applications this same automatic self-healing ability.

Absolute’s Persistence can extend to encryption, anti-malware, and other agents that ensure the safety of the data on your device, allowing them to self-heal as well.

Manage data according to the rights of data subjects

48% of UK adults plan to exercise their rights under GDPR — Address data rights by remotely deleting PII if processing rules are violated. Easily identify and delete data that is no longer required, then prove it was not accessed externally.


Absolute’s Endpoint Data Discovery can alert you to sensitive data being stored on vulnerable devices, such as those connected to a cloud-based storage service.

Use Absolute’s endpoint controls to remotely and selectively wipe non-compliant data. Perform end-of-life device wipes remotely, and produce compliance certificates proving the data was removed.

Satisfy accountability and governance requirements

63% of organizations aren’t confident they can monitor off-network endpoints — Create audit reports on-demand or on a schedule. Prove that data stored on endpoints is being managed appropriately.


Absolute uses continuous benchmarking to validate data protection for PII, PHI, PFI, and other regulatory standards.

Other ways Absolute reduces your risk

Prove compliance after incidents

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Detect incident precursors

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Enforce endpoint security standards

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“The safety of our information is very important, especially from a GDPR perspective. With Absolute, we are sure that our data is safe at all times.”

Steve Williams - Manager, IT Security Operations

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