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Whether it’s a malicious attack, a careless user, or software decay, all security apps inevitably develop weak points. Absolute teaches them to self-heal when they do.

Infuse your endpoints with resilience

70% of breaches originate at the endpoint  Absolute heals itself whenever it’s disabled, creating always-on visibility. This capability can even extend to encryption, antivirus, and the rest of your mission-critical applications.


The Absolute Agent is self-healing and resilient. Absolute is able to survive formatting and OS re-install on BIOS embedded models. Absolute can re-install applications if missing, repair broken software components on non-functioning applications via Application Persistence.

Ensure wall-to-wall coverage

28% of endpoints may be unprotected at any given time — See all your device configurations from a single dashboard, and be confident each one is running all your essential security apps — even off the network.


Manage all of your devices (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android) from a single dashboard and run reports regarding the status of antivirus and encryption.  Create alerts based on hardware, software, geolocation, and other data points that will trigger email notifications.

Fix vulnerabilities remotely and at scale

13% of endpoints need to be repaired every month — Need to make sure your on-and-off-network devices meet your security standards? Update your whole fleet without bringing in a single device.


Absolute is able to deploy software and make machine configuration changes via Absolute Reach – even when machines are remote and not connected to the domain.

Reach gives you the power to detect, understand, and remediate vulnerabilities across 100% of your endpoints on-demand, even if your endpoints are off the corporate network.

Other ways Absolute can reduce your risk

Detect endpoint risks

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“I was really impressed with Absolute’s ability to see any device and remotely freeze or wipe it, as well as to monitor and prove encryption status. Field officers also need uninterrupted access to crucial data to make the right decision on the appropriate protocol in seconds, so keeping their computers up and running with Absolute could save their lives."

Corey Nelson - Manager, IT
Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

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Case Study: Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

ECSO’s small IT team was responsible for facilitating communication between dispatch and first responders in the field – and their VPN issues were endangering not only regulatory compliance, but human lives. Absolute helped ECSO regain visibility and control over all their endpoints, keeping life-saving lines of communication open.

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