Detect endpoint risks

Read early warning signs so you don’t have to react to incidents

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A device leaves an unauthorized area. An employee disables their encryption. Sensitive data ends up on a cloud-connected device. Absolute surfaces these warning signs so you can intervene.

Know your risk levels, no matter what

55% of endpoints contain sensitive data or confidential information Absolute’s Persistence® technology not only helps you maximize the uptime of your security apps — it ensures you can always see your devices and assess your security posture, so you can stay compliant.


Absolute’s BIOS-level Persistence® creates a self-healing digital link to your devices. So you can ensure that all security agents are installed and functioning as intended or remotely update them if they are not.

Absolute automatically collects hundreds of data points per device and generates hardware, software, and data reports and alerts. So you can remotely and accurately assess your security posture, even if your end users are off-network.

Keep sensitive data and devices where they belong

63% of organizations aren’t confident they can monitor off-network endpoints Get alerts whenever specific devices leave authorized areas and freeze them until they’ve been returned. So you can know where everything is and keep it there.


Absolute automatically collects geolocation data, and can even set geofences that produce alerts whenever a device leaves an unauthorized area. When you receive these alerts, you have the option to freeze the device until it is returned, as well as selectively or completely deleting data from the device.

You can use Absolute Device Freeze if the device is off your network, and even if other security controls have been uninstalled or disabled.

Avoid compliance fines by locating at-risk data

62% of organizations lack automated tools to discover at-risk data on endpoints — Use Absolute’s custom and automated reporting to know when sensitive data becomes exposed — and remotely delete it if the risk is too great.


Absolute Endpoint Data Discovery can detect when sensitive data is on vulnerable devices, such as one connected to a cloud-based storage service, and alert you with an email.

When you receive an alert in the cloud-based dashboard, you can choose to selectively or completely wipe data from the device — even if it has been reimaged, is off your network, or has had controls disabled.

Be confident your security controls are in place

70% of breaches originate at the endpoint — Know whenever a critical security control has been modified or removed. Force updates and reinstalls through remote controls and Application Persistence.


All tiers of the Absolute platform produce reports on the status of encryption, VPN, anti-malware, and other essential security controls.

Absolute is able to deploy software and make machine configuration changes, even when machines are remote and not connected to the domain. So you can repair failing controls remotely and quickly.

Other ways Absolute reduces your risk

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“Absolute discovered several devices that were operating legacy applications and missing business-critical software. Once we were aware of these issues, we were able to respond and correct the situation. This level of visibility has been instrumental in verifying the presence and health of endpoint applications across our entire fleet.”

Doug Konigkramer - Support Team Leader

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