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Data Protection and Assurance for Professional Services

Your business depends on trust. It just takes one small security incident to shake a client’s confidence. It’s no small task for IT and security teams to ensure data integrity while supporting mobile, geographically dispersed users — consultants, accountants, and attorneys. You must keep your firm running by ensuring information availability, safeguarding sensitive data, and validating compliance at every moment.

Absolute gives you a top-down view of every endpoint. Identify data at-risk, classify and score risks, then verify controls so you (and your clients) have data assurance.

  • Create a digital tether to every device, always maintaining global visibility
  • Trace, track, and pinpoint sensitive data on lost or stolen devices
  • Remediate cyber threats by freezing or wiping a device remotely
  • Automatically restore encryption when disabled
  • Identify exposures, misconfigurations, broken controls
  • Audit data changes, file modifications, and user activity

Absolute is already embedded in the firmware of the devices of over 25 OEM providers – all you have to do is activate it.

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How Absolute Can Help

Understand every device

Knowledge workers consume and distribute copious amounts of information every day. Which records are they using? Which devices have sensitive client data? Do those devices have the right level of security controls? Are compliance checks and encryption enabled? It’s next to impossible to keep tabs on it all. Take out the guesswork and stream asset intelligence from every corner of the endpoint population; put user-device-data activity under the microscope and get ahead of exposures — before they turn into exploits.

Absolute brings every endpoint into view with an unbreakable connection. Born at the factory, deep in the firmware, Absolute gives you unparalleled line-of-sight and persistent control of all your devices.


Pull endpoint and user activity into view to confirm data protection.

Match Score Summary

Validate endpoint hygiene to reduce risk across devices, data, users, and apps.

Don’t let exposures become exploits

Poor endpoint hygiene is a vulnerability. With users that rarely connect to the corporate domain, you can’t see the state of the devices to be able to maintain hygiene. Plus, each device is brimming with OS settings, security agents, and third-party apps, your client or consumer data is left exposed to an extra dose of risk. IT and security teams need a constant flow of asset intelligence. Extracting critical device details uncover security exposures and hygiene drift to rearm defenses ahead of would-be attacks.

Absolute puts a skeptical eye on device hygiene, pinpointing broken or disabled controls, misconfigurations, and data at-risk.

Protect your competitive edge: knowledge

Client data, consumer information, and your firm’s history create an invaluable knowledgebase. But geographically dispersed users and a multitude of different devices bring a new level of challenge for IT and security teams. Fortify your resources by actively monitoring every device for unauthorized apps. Geofence devices to create digital barriers. And detect endpoint risks (e.g. disabled SCCM, encryption, AV) that erode your security posture and put data in harm’s way.

Absolute watches your endpoints, detects hygiene changes, and enforces policy on every device, with any OS, aligned to any user, in any location — all from a central console. You are in command over it all.


Discover unauthorized and risky hardware, software, and user activity.

Data Privacy

Preserve device snapshots for complete history of configurations, controls, and data protection.

Defend data privacy, eliminate compliance failures

Every fragment of personally identifiable information (PII) requires a shield. Data residency and data privacy are taking center-stage and setting the agendas for many regulations — CCPA, EUECR, HIPAA, GDPR, CFR— as well as your own privacy policies. Stay audit-ready by scanning every device for sensitive or personal information, verify data protection, and take control in an instant to rectify or remove PII at-risk.

Absolute combines device and data activity, tests and tracks user-data-device risks, and performs ongoing checks with regulatory and internal standards.

Simplify and cement your security posture

Endpoints are a tangled web of complexity. Apps, agents, configurations, OS builds and versions are all fragile. One crack creates a new groove on the attack surface for criminals to gain a toehold. IT and security teams must harden their security posture from the core to protect their entire system. Enforce endpoint cyber hygiene by syncing your devices with your security intent. Devices and data become bulletproof.

Absolute never loses its grip on your devices. It automates cyber hygiene to regenerate security controls, apps, and agents. Transform endpoints into self-healing machines with encryption that repairs itself. Free up your time from dealing with many common IT issues.

Native and Third-party Controls

Tame the attack surface by reducing the opportunity for cybercriminals.

The ability to reach out and manage devices, regardless of their physical location, is a must have… Absolute extends access to our computer population when we find them outside of our control.

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Achieve cyber resilience and be-audit ready — always.

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