Endpoint Data Discovery

Discover and Protect At-Risk Data on Endpoints and In the Cloud

Your data and IP are the lifeblood of your business. But if this data is ever lost or breached, it could lead to damaging and costly consequences. Despite these risks, many simply have no visibility to the nature of the data stored on their endpoints. Even worse, this lack of visibility introduces the threat of Shadow IT and other non-compliant storage methods. In the instances where a data protection solution is in place, data access can be overly restrictive or limited to the corporate network.

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Deliver Deep Visibility of At-Risk Data Across All Your Devices

You need a solution that delivers deep visibility of at-risk data across all your devices. The nature of your data is subjective to your organization, as are the conditions under which access should be granted. Why not deploy a solution that caters to how your data is actually used, without impeding users? Regardless of where the device is, or whether the data is stored on the endpoint or synced with the cloud, you need a solution that continuously protects your sensitive data.

Device Details

Remediate at-risk data with adaptive security actions, such as freezing devices or deleting data.


Gain insight with our Data Risk dashboard to:

Identify at-risk Data

Target a specific device in the event of a security incident.

Scan Your Entire Device Deployment

Identify specific data types such as PHI, PFI and PII with ease.

Identify Shadow IT

Identify unauthorized applications in use even beyond your corporate network.

Securely Decommission a Device

Instantly remove or delete sensitive data.


Safeguard Intellectual Property

Identify data specific to your organization.

Take Proactive Action

Receive critical alerts to indicate a potential security incident. Freeze a device to prevent a data breach.

Manage Your Risk Exposure

Understand the nature of your risk exposure, and the potential non-compliance penalties if a breach occurred.