The Third Question:
What CISOs Aren't Asking, and What's at Stake

featuring global cybersecurity expert, Charles Blauner

On-demand Webinar45 mins

Join renowned cybersecurity innovator and former CISO of Citi, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank, Charles Blauner, for a fireside chat with Absolute CEO, Christy Wyatt.

Together, they'll explore the biggest challenges facing security teams today, with topics including:

  • The evolving role of CISO – where to focus amidst competing priorities
  • How to measure – and mitigate – the impact of complexity
  • The critical question that CISOs aren’t asking today – and what’s at stake when it’s overlooked
  • The importance of endpoint resilience in risk management strategies

All attendees will also receive The Third Question white paper, featuring additional insight from Charles and:

  • Todd Inskeep, former Cybersecurity Executive, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Lou Klubenspies, CISO and Senior Director, IT Risk, PerkinElmer
  • Malcolm Harkins, Former CISO, Intel

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Featured Speakers

Charles Blauner

Charles Blauner

Former Global Head of Information Security, Citi; former CISO, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank; Partner & CISO in Residence, Teams8 Group; President, Cyber Aegis Consulting; Strategic Advisor, Absolute Security

Christy Wyatt

Christy Wyatt

President & CEO
of Absolute

“We know with Absolute we have a tool in place where we can confidently incorporate new technologies, remotely oversee their successful deployment and maintain their ongoing health in the field.”

Doug Konigkramer - Support Team Leader

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