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K-12 Cybersecurity Crisis

Five Steps to Safeguarding Your Digital District

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Technology in our schools enables modern learning paths, and brings a new level of innovation to the classroom. But it needs to be managed with care.

School-provided and personal devices are proliferating. Application management is increasingly complex. And students are the most digitally savvy in history.

The result? Schools are more vulnerable to data breaches and ransomware attacks than ever before. But solutions are at hand.

Join Absolute education experts as we share findings from our one-year study of 3.2 million K-12 devices, including:

  • How cybercriminals exploit the complexity of the digital district
  • Areas of vulnerability from “unintended” insider threats
  • Five steps for protecting schools and students, and ensuring cyber resilience

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Featured Speakers

Josh Mayfield

Director of Security Strategy


Surita Bains Headshot

Surita Bains

Director of Product Management, Education


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