4 Practical Steps to Achieve Resilient Zero Trust

Securing your WFA World

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Most companies have gone from having 1 or 2 centralized offices to hundreds of individual home office setups. 97% of surveyed IT experts believed that remote workers are exposed to at least some added risk, with roughly 47% believing that the risk was either high or extremely high (Source: The Value of Zero Trust in a WFA World).

Implementing a Zero Trust security strategy isn’t something that can be accomplished with the purchase of one solution – Zero Trust is a concept, one that demands that no trust is given without thorough validation of identity.

Sound like a challenge? We’ve assembled a panel of industry experts to demystify what is and isn’t Zero Trust, address the need for Resilient Zero Trust, and share their practical steps to achieving Resilient Zero Trust.

Watch on-demand to better understand, take advantage of, and implement a ‘Zero Trust’ security strategy in today’s Work from Anywhere (WFA) world.

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Featured Speakers

Torsten George

Torsten George

VP of Corporate & Product Marketing, Absolute

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Chief Strategy Officer, Ericom Software

Richard Stiennon

Richard Stiennon

Chief Research Analyst, IT-Harvest

“An increased focus by end-user organizations on zero trust strategies — and a desire to provide a more secure, flexible hybrid workforce connectivity — is driving increased interest in the ZTNA market.”

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