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Absolute named notable Cyber Resilience vendor in the SSE market

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Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions provide Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), secure remote workforces, and protect enterprise data against malicious and negligent actors. A diverse set of vendors currently competes in the SSE market, making it challenging to know which is best for your organization. Readers can use this Forrester report, The Security Services Edge Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023 to understand which provider best addresses their unique Zero Trust, cybersecurity, and compliance use cases.

Included in this report, Absolute is rapidly becoming known as the Cyber Resilience leader. Our unique, firmware-embedded technology ensures that our customers’ devices, critical security controls, and Zero Trust applications are ineffaceable, perpetually recoverable, and working as intended – regardless of the threats and technical complexity faced.

Absolute Cyber Resilience Added to SSE

  • Ensure that your Zero Trust and network access (ZTNA) solutions are working at maximum efficiency
  • Gain needed visibility into your remote, distributed endpoints and your important network telemetry
  • Protect against cybersecurity threats with a resilient Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and browser isolation capability
  • Leverage built-in digital experience management to enforce security and compliance policies while ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted user experience

To learn more about why SSE is critical to your security and compliance strategy and to find out why Absolute is included as a notable vendor, download the report today.

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